Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pass on the advice

I don't take advice from clowns named "Percy",especially when they contain this crap:

Some in the MRM though have grown up under the 'new matriarchy', educated from the cradle through a school life by women and are very angry and full of the 'feeling' they have been taught is their 'right' to express. Some of these are crude, rude and frankly uneducated - a result of that almost wholly female dominated education system, so replete as it is with 'empathy' and 'superior communication'.

The older, wiser members of the MRM are usually quick to denounce hatred whenever these boys get out of hand.

Now, Robin, you seem to me to be a bright woman. I have seen reference to some positive things that you have written. Use that mind of yours to tackle the real problem.


The thing that gets me is that these asshats still want to play nice with feminists. These guys are not all there because if they were they'd know the old moderate methods don't work anymore.

I've even addressed this on Why the militancy.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Robin Steele approves of Chris Key

Friday, December 14, 2007

Robin Steele Apologizes to Chris Key

Shortly after I stumbled into the often moronic blogging and forum world of supposed Men's Rights Activists (during my search for a Men's Rights Movement that showed some hope of Movement), I wrote the following post on Chris Key, host of the Men's Rights Online forum:

Chris Key, Hate Speech and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of MRAs

I reacted to his "Avatar" which was an illustration of Uncle Sam with the words "We need YOU to kick a feminist IN THE C*NT". That was actually offensive to me. After kicking around their blogs that stop at nothing to get some kind of a reaction, it seems pretty mild about now.

Anyway, after visiting his forum for a while now, I've developed a measure of respect for Chris Key for a few reasons.

The first reason Chris Key deserves respect is that he brought in a woman called ElfPrincess to represent an alternative viewpoint. In fact, he made her a moderator. ElfPrincess is impressive: Tough, smart & she holds her ground. She's got a higher tolerance level for morons than I do. Frankly, I don't know how or why she's put up with the kind of bullshit she has. Maybe she owes Chris money.

The second reason Chris Key deserves respect is that he backed her up. It would be easy to strand her or be middle of the road when all his cronies are ganging up on this articulate and unyielding debater, but he didn't.

The third, and my favorite, reason for respecting Chris Key is that he banished Masculist Man to Troll Town(!). As a fallen citizen with troll status, he can no longer sit at the adult table, and must now sit at the rickety card table with his rubber sword and eat humble MasciePie all alone. How great is that? Perhaps others will realize what I've been saying: the most dangerous enemies of any men's rights movement are the haters, the posers, the bitter misogynists who do not, truly, put their efforts in creating change or advancing understanding or dialogue.

So, Chris, I apologize. While I still think you should find a new avatar for 2008, I think you have conviction and are truly searching for the truth, and are truly advocating change. I was wrong to attack you.

I also apologize for any damage to your reputation caused by my positive comments.

Posted by Robin Steele at 1:10 PM


Source: here

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chris Key;traitor to the men's movement

I was debating Chris Key on his site and he asked me to substantiate what I had written I did so but when I asked for the same he banned me from the area we were debating. A feminist poster by the handle "elfprincess" is a new addition to the board and she has bragged that she can manipulate men without their noticing. I told her it wouldn't work on me but apparently it did on Chris because now he is acting like a bully on his board. He says he debates logically but in practice that is far from the case for I just asked simple questions about the source he is using and boom,I am put in the troll forum,which is a step before a full ban. Also Elprincess has threatened not only myself with physical harm but another masculist poster as well. Check here and here. Key has stated that he has "tolerated" my presence on his blog for 2 years yet he once sent me this complementing me on an article I had written:

Chris Key
The Owner of Men's Rights Online
Outstanding Contributor

Karma: +22/-7
[applaud] [smite]

Posts: 3,681

Good article
« Sent to: Masculist Man on: July 20, 2006, 10:53:09 AM »


The article you wrote about feminism is very well written, and it could be used as a resource to expose feminism.

Unfortunately, the grammatical errors were too frequent, which would allow the feminists to attack the credibility of the author. You're a wonderful Anti-Feminist and a valued member of this forum, and I would like to see you become a well-known Anti-Feminist Author, as you're an intelligent and trustworthy man, however you will need to improve the grammatical structure of your writings.

It was only a couple of years ago that my writing was inundated with grammatical errors, and even today I make the odd linguistic mistake, however I believe it is rather easy - and rewarding - to develop a sound knowledge of the English language.

Try not to use words such as "got" and "gotten", as they possess a slang connotation.

For example:

"He has gotten over it"

Would sounds far less coherent than.

"He has surpassed the challenge."
Report To Admin


Men's Rights Activist,
Chris Key,

"This privilege conferred on women arises in an extraordinary number of cases, for the express letter of the law discriminates in the sharpest possible manner between men and women in the matter of legal right and duty, of civil law advantage and criminal law exemption." - Belfort Bax

Now this isn't the first time Chris has done this. There was another time that a feminist poster showed up there by the handle "school project" and manipulated Key into deleting an avatar I had (it was in response to another poster defacing my Marc Lepine avatar) all because she couldn't debate me so she goes crying to Key to remove my avatar,yet he claims to be anti-feminist. A lot of other posters on Key's forum have also exposed elfprincess as a feminist but Key fails to understand. Key has stated that a lot of "anti-feminists?" do not like the use of the word "cunt" and they think I am wrong but I don't see that on his forum and he wasn't talking about his forum either. Guess what,he was talking about the crowd at Stand Your Ground. Wait a minute,didn't Fred X help prove that SYG is mostly feminists and manginas? Yes he did and Key is depending on SYG when it has been shown that Dr.Evil is the biggest mangina there. It just goes to show that mens rights net and SYG have one thing in common and that is they are both ran by mangina bullies.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The four stooges


No doubt I will see luke’s new heerow blogging a scathing rebuttal in the form of post links to me. So he dedicated his top spot to the psycho who couldn’t lead a small band of psychotics?

Exlax,you know where my blog is and you have anything to say to me you can step up and say it here. You are a coward,Exlax. You invited me to a fight and when I accepted you turned tail and ran like the bitch you truly are.

Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule • Be tolerant of differences

Think before you act

Be open-minded; listen to others

Don’t blame others carelessly

You clowns don't follow this advice so who are you bullshitting?

What victory there is would be vain. To toss any worthy values in order to secure victory, you would have lost something more important than any victory can bring. A man’s integrity, his name, his values, these are prized above all. Without which, there can be no respect for him. Can evil be used to win over evil? Nay, I say. Ultra-Feminism, and Prostitution, do these not have the same master?? As I see, when you have to break values, the feminists have already won!! Don’t you see, you’ve become as one of them, ruthless, without valor, using all debase means to achieve an end, a victory. What is to be left of this achievement, ruinous relations between men and women. Nay, this isn’t the way.

We are not abandoning values,well not true values anyway. What we are throwing away are outdated notions such as "chivalry" and "deference to women" because they unfairily inhibit us.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why are men shaming men with the title "misogynist"? What the fuck are they worried about?

I've often heard the term "misogynist" thrown around in the MRM and I'm thinking "WTF?" To give some examples I've seen MRA bloggers refuse to link to other MRA blogs because of what they feel is "misogyny". Why the fuck are we worried about "misogyny"? It sounds like the old adage of "protect the women" even when the women want to kill you. This throwing the term around is an effort to shame and shaming is the weapon of the feminazi and we know the feminazi is NOT on our side. What we are doing is shooting ourselves in the foot and for what? Women who may turn out to be "Emma's"? That is not a good thing,in fact very far from it. This censorship of us by us gets us nowhere,worse yet it disintergrates us. So the next time you think about heaping shame upon a brother MRA not only are you using the feminazi's weapon you are helping them silence men's voices and I hope that would be the last thing you want to do. Besides,that "misogyny" tar can be used by feminazis against you too.

Something to think about.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The shit that dribbles out of Exlax's mouth or Russianhate

Many of you know Luke Skywalker who runs the Siberia Rocks blog. Luke wanted to go to Siberia and had everything,including his passport,ready to go but his parents deceived him and withheld his passport for awhile and he had to negotiate to get it back and he went to Poland instead. Luke protested this injustice and the clowns from Russian Hate jumped Luke's case for what happened to him. This is the same tactic they used against a man who had been deceived by a Russian woman,they blamed HIM. Even though when he got there she told him to leave or she will call the police on him and he left,which is smart because Russian cops don't fuck around. In fact American cops are nursemaids compared to their Russian counterparts. Let me put it this way: Russian cops can beat the shit out of you and their courts don't give a shit. Also there was the story of a Russian woman who duped a man into sending her the money for air fare to his country to meet him. Not only did she not meet him she pocketed the money. How are some of these eastern European women different from their western counterparts? Some are not very much different. Exlax is betting that Russia will stay "pure" as he thinks of it but Russia needs western capital to survive and with that capital comes western influence. When Russia "falls" what are clowns like Exlax going to do then? Where are they going to run to then? Anyway here is some shit from the mouth of Exlax,hopefully you'll get some laughs out it,with my comments thrown in of course:

Although anyone is welcome to post reasonable comments; there are more than enough imbecilic blogs out there to serve their purpose of maintaining the lowest common denominator. I am simply fed up with cowards who see fit to insult while they refuse to say the same thing to my face. All of what I have said and will ever say I am more than willing to say to that source in person.

you mean such insults as "Pimp girl,Pussy boy,Puss and boots,jerk boy,leaderofthecan’tgetlaidcrew,pussymouth,dicklesspuss and Envyboy" are just some of the insults you hurled at me.

When someone slanders my manhood without giving me access to them, then it is not my job in life to travel the globe to have “chats” with my detractors. If you refuse to say it to my face, and you know where to find me; then, I will not allow cowards to insult me while they hide like little boys behind their girlie computers. And you know who you are.

You talk big and I stood up to you when you said:

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has a causeway. It’s the very entrance to my island. If you can manage to find it, with your tiny little dick brain, then send me a message that you’re about to arrive and I’ll meet you and have a nice little talk with you before I have my incredibly charming and charismatic arm around my girl who waits for me to arrive to a real country. I’ll be your personal welcoming committee.

You came to this blog you can come and see me. Come on down to southern California and when you do I’ll give you directions. I don’t have the cash to see you so see me and afterwards you’re girlfriend can tend to your wounds.

And when I said this you wussed out.

Source: here

Additionally, if you are too stupid to coherently present your thoughts and not respectful enough to put even a modest effort into spelling; then, likewise you will not diminish the positive and fine character of this blog.

You mean fucked up spelling like "pathetich",the way YOU spelled it.

(see above link)

If you insist on conducting yourself like a psycho child; then, also you will be told to get help and to not intrude on my happy life. I am not your childcare worker.

You're the one who says assine things like,"envy me,you will envy me".

Comments like Death to the traitors, Death to the enemies of the motherland(Lusitania), in this case Portugal, are typical with what I simply no longer have time for.

Knowing civil code in both the West and in Russia, through my own personal lawyer, if you offend my public name, when I go public, then you will work for me as a consequence of libel lawsuits. Considering my own knowledge and that my fiance is a university trained and highly capable civil lawyer, I wouldn’t be too eager to push the issue. In Canada, I am a Natural Person and all suit amounts are decided by me, not the ordinary civil courts.

I know what a "natural person" is too,moron and no,you don't make the judgements or
amounts,only judges do that. I know the law and you don't have a leg to stand on. I hear female attornies,regardless of nationality,are real bitches and ball busters. Oh well,you'll find that one out.

You mistake me for someone who gives a damn about anything at all about you when you visit with pure xanthic hatred. I simply could care less about your lunatic cyber wars. The battles I fight are all real, in real time and most often in person.

I gave you an invite for a fight and you wussed out.

And I don’t need blog services to continue to make my public opinions public. Once in Russia and settled enough to develop my private sites, I will do it from within that particular source.

Translation: "Once I'm in my fort no one can get to me" and I picture you doing this Peter Griffian style.

This is from here

Exlax,who has no concept of the phrase,"stuff a sock in it" dribbles on:

Russian girls are the finest girls in the world. And only the finest of Real men should be a part of their lives. It’s that simple.

How long ago were Western women called this? Back before the second wave of feminism and now look at them. That is Russia's future.

And the hearts of the good girls of Russia are the pure gold standard of love of Real men. We mutually love and adore each other. And this includes for me, all other Russian girls and women than my own girl. They are as my sisters. I truly want for them the most exceptional love and lives, safely and happily in the arms of their man and their beautiful, respectful children. Yes, I know about all the less fine combinations of couplings. And that what I speak about here is the ideal.

You are a total mangina. You'll screw it up for Russia like your kind did to the west.

When I first met her she was already an extremely fine girl. And from this perspective she saw parts of me which were less than her own standards with regard to me. We had some arguments over my shortcomings.

They are many,including debating in a logical manner and not being a moron overall. She's changing you you idiot. Jesus,you don't have to go to Russia for a woman to do that. Western women do it all the time.

During the process of developing our relationship, I came to enjoy improving myself. I genuinely like becoming my best possible self. It’s a real rush.

Improvements? You hide them well. The only "improvement" you've made is being a bigger horse's ass than you already are.

Her own voluntary improvements so moved me I was stunned by it all. It is astounding the lengths these girls will go to in their honouring of their love of their man. Not all of course.

She's manipulating you you moron.

But when it’s this clear, you’d have to be the owner of a stone cold heart not to notice or appreciate it.

No,I've got a brain,which is more than you have.

She has put up with remarkable levels of pain in order to follow her own path of honouring me.

"She has made sacrifices". How long have we heard that?


Here is a news article on Russia,paradise lost:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007.
Woman Burns Penis Of Dozing Ex-Spouse
By David Nowak
Staff Writer

A woman in southeastern Moscow set fire to her former husband's penis while he lay helpless in an alcohol-induced slumber, a police spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The 41-year-old woman faces up to three years in prison if charged and convicted of deliberately inflicting the injuries, said Tatyana Korolyova, a spokeswoman for police in the city's Southeastern Administrative District.

The woman, whom police would only identify by her first name, Anna, was detained a few hours after the incident Thursday at the apartment that she shares with her former husband, Nikolai.

Korolyova described the police version of events: On Thursday, Nikolai, bedridden after a car crash that left him with a broken heel, asked Anna to fetch a bottle of vodka from the kiosk. She returned with the vodka, which he proceeded to drink in front of the television. A combination of the heat and the alcohol quickly lulled Nikolai to sleep.

Choosing her moment, Anna approached, doused Nikolai with alcohol from head to toe, and attempted to set him on fire with a match. Her attempt failed because the alcohol had evaporated by the time she lit the match.

She then fashioned a rudimentary torch from a newspaper, set fire to it and applied it to his groin.

Nikolai was admitted to the hospital with light burns covering 30 percent of his body, including his groin, stomach and left arm. He was released after a few days.

The couple had been living together for 19 years but divorced in 2003 after Anna grew tired of Nikolai's extramarital affairs, the Tvoi Den newspaper reported Tuesday, identifying the couple as Irina and Dmitry. The former husband regularly watched erotic films on television, which stirred Anna's fury, and he fell asleep in front of one such film Thursday.

"It was monstrously painful," Nikolai told the newspaper. "I don't know what I did to deserve such punishment."

The newspaper carried pictures of a shaven-headed man lying heavily bandaged in a hospital bed.

"His sex organs took the heaviest blow," an unidentified hospital nurse was quoted as saying.

Source: here

Do you think Exlax will read this article and learn from it? Nah,he's too stupid.

Friday, August 17, 2007

FS puts his blog on moderation

FS has now put his blog on moderation for the comments and this is the comments in the "haters" thread (which is the fastest,growing comments thread in his blog). The last post there is from Simpatico saying he wants to be my girlfriend and my response to him:


It appears you are having an out of closet experience again. I knew it wasn’t a question of “if”,only a question of “when” and that “when” is when you wrote that post. Now I won’t get in the way of you and FS as I never meant to but you are jealous about it. Let me reassure you that you two are free to blow each other to your heart’s content.

Now I'm hoping that puts Simpatico's mind at ease and he and FS can go on dating each other like they always have.

But the following was at the bottom:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I thought "WTF?" Now McMoron is moderating his comments and worse yet,in the area where he said I could post with NO PROBLEMS. It seems that McMoron is talking out of both sides of his ass-as usual.

Check out his comments:


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hillary Duff is not mrs. right after all

It seems that FS's infatuation with Hillary Duff has been dashed quite nicely. I guess it wasn't true love after all. LMAO as I write this. In fact I left this post on his blog:


Now you are taking back what you said about Hillary Duff. You do stick your foot in your mouth a lot (this is not news to me) and you usually do this after stepping in shit. You truly are a joke.

FS is the kind of moron to do that a lot. The bad part is he not only doesn't learn from his mistakes but he repeats them over and over again. Bad for him but funny as hell for the rest of us.

FS now stands for FSA

FSA stands for Fucking Stupid Asshole. I've let him post here in whatever section he wanted yet if I post anything on his blog,even if it pertains to the topic and he will censor me. FS claims to be anti-censorship but this too is a lie.

This is what I mean:

This lone psychopath has accused me of censorship because I am refusing to let him post the same endless muck over and over again. Any one who reads this blog knows how much I hate censoring, so to prove that this dipshit can have his say, he can use this post to spout his hatred against me on it. I am adding it to my archive, so it is easily accessable as well.

Any posts about Masc Man can go in here. If they spill out in to other threads, they will be deleted on sight.

FS's hypocrisy shines on again.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A new mangina

Meet Bert Steen aka Bertha. Bertha has basically plagerized my militant attitude and tried to pass himself off as someone who cares about men's issues when in truth all "he?" cares about is acting like a horse's ass and running from the nurse during meds time. He basically gets on the rag easy and bans real MRA's from his site. He even attack someone for agreeing with him. Bertha is truly insane,more insane than some have labelled me.
Go check out his site at:

Bert's site


There have been talks between ACLAF and myself and he has agreed to be more inclusive of those of us who may be a bit more militant. Here it is in his own words:

Well said. I'm humbled that I didn't even have to ask for that.

I don't know how to answer your question about human nature, so I'll leave it for now.

Suffice it to say, that I don't think feelings of anger, frustration, or contempt necessarily mean hatred. When it comes to focused contempt, focused anger, then I'll back you, or anybody else all the way. Most western women are going to get what's coming to them That's not all women; maybe the good ones are *not* western women at all.


I'll make this proposal. All the personal insults and bad blood, let's call that a wash; we'll consider it forgotten.

I'll issue a public apology for trying to force the issue of the original ultimatum. As stated, that was out of line. I'll keep it up permanently, though it will eventually get relegated to my archives as time goes on, and blog posts increase.

Then, I imagine that you'll close your blog. You can do what you feel is necessary if you feel you need to save face, and I'll assist you where I can. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have for me, and explain my actions.

If something isn't to your liking, I'm open to a counter-proposal.

Finally, assuming that we reach an agreement, I would hope that we can bury the hatchet. We can agree to disagree, but let's agree not to do this again.

I didn't ask for this fucking gender war,ACLAF but I have to play the cards dealt to me and it truly is a raw deal.

I know. They will get what's coming to them. Patience. I think that the shit-lives they will lead as a result of our may well be vengeance enough.

Let the bitches rot.

18 July 2007 17:34

Source: here

I'm still suspicious of women in the movement,that hasn't changed. We are,as Fred put it,"building bridges" so we'll see where this goes. For right now I'm going to cease hostilites against ACLAF.

On the other hand my battles with FS and Simpatico have not changed and FS is remaining stubborn on this and Simpatico,well Simpatico is usually outwitted by chickens so I don't give a shit about his opinion.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pit yorkie is at it again

Oh gee,ACLAF reports me to my ISP. Didn't work asshole but thanks for showing us what a mangina piece of shit you are by using bullying tactics. Wait,didn't he say he didn't like bullying tactics,yes he did. He is a hypocrite as usual:

...but a bully ought to be punished.

I've challenged him repeatedly, and he continually fails to uphold his integrity and provide weak, unsatisfying excuses. He's a bully, and deserves to be treated like one.

Yes,ACLAF a bully should be punished. But you too are a bully along with your wife,FS,Simpatico and the anonymous poster against me. You are all bullies. Don't like that too bad because the shoe fits. You are the one to bully that anonymous poster in the first place,ACLAF and you are the one who threatened to throw everyone out who didn't agree with you,you use the tactics of a bully yourself and scream foul when someone does it to you. Let me refresh everyone's memory on what you said and still stand by:

but I will happily try rescue those where there is some hope remaining. Secondly you men who think that women shouldn't be allowed to be MRA's, please remove your head from your oubliette or it is we who will be throwing you out.Now that I've said it, don't make me say it again, because the next time, I won't be nice about it.

Source: here

Challenge me? No,what you and your crew have done is bullying and insult me,just like you tried to do by going to my ISP and trying to discontinue my service and you admit it here:

But his attitude can't be tolerated; the last time he commented, he strongly implied a threat, and stated that he intended to commit a crime. So I did the only sane thing and reported him to his ISP. Assuming we got the right IP address, he may face termination of his service, and possibly criminal charges. This is serious shit.

An exetremely Stalinistic method,ACLAF. This just confirms what I think of you. However this does bring up a question: if you have this knack for shutting your opponents down in this manner why didn't you use this against feminists? Why have you not used this method against feminists that want to inflict violence against men? Why haven't you gone after them? I mean if you are the MRA you claim to be then why haven't you used this against feminists? Why have you spared them?

Feminists and other women goad men into fighting each other and why should manginas be any different. See how ACLAF tries to open old wounds and cause fights:

His behavior has been of the most repulsive kind, most especially the way he acted towards Karl of Antimisandry. How do I know this? Ask Fred. The parallels are uncanny, the difference is in the result.

18 July 2007 09:52

Source: here

As far as I'm concerned me and Karl are cool and there is no problem between us but it sounds like junior is stirring up shit. In fact Junior should know this because I posted it on FS's blog clearing this up so he's definety not ignorant of this. Here is what I said:

ACLAF,the reason that particular post was deleted was to move on. This matter has been settled with Karl and we have both moved on. We both recognized that bad timing was involved here and have corrected it. Now beat that through you pea-brain,junior.

06 July 2007 20:35

Source: here

On a good note I want to thank Luke Skywalker for saying it best:


I personally have had way worse threats against me on the internet and even in real life, and although I don't condone what he said, you need not worry for your personal safety, because he doesn't know your real name, and he doesn't know where you live. I think you know this (as you are an intelligent person), and in reality you weren't so much threatened by what he said as you saw it as an excuse to try to put him out of business.But of course you will be glad to play the act of the "threatened victim" if that would suit your purposes.You goad him and goad him and continue to add fuel to the fire and then all of a sudden you say:"Oh! He threatened me! HELLLPP!"I have seen that game played so many times before in my life CLAF and it is so shallow that I lose a lot of respect for people once they play that game.You people basically treat him like he is an animal, with total disregard for the sacrifices that he has made for the Men's Movement, and all he has done for it.Yes he has done things that I cannot condone, but on that thread, you (CLAF), Feminist Scum, and Simpatico have acted in a totally unacceptable manner.

18 July 2007 05:42

Thanks Luke,you've summed up these idiots real well.

Fred,I hear you bro and I too want the good of the movement to prevail. I believe we are using different methods however we want the same goal and that goal is the good of the movement. These idiots are harmful and must be exposed for the frauds they are. ACLAF,FS,Simpatico,Rudy and the anonymous poster against me are all bad news and must be exposed.

Oh,anonymous,I've allowed anonymous posting for awhile now so feel free to post.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Freudian slip

Feminist Scum said...

I'm not apologizing to any one. Masc Man can take a spoon, and eat the contents of my ass.

02 July 2007 02:03

Source: here

Of course I would never do that and I ignored this post at first but then I thought of something. Did he just say that he likes the idea of spoons (or other things) going up his ass? Yes, I believe he did because he insinuated that he likes spoons in the ass and he is stating he would like me to shove it up there. Now as much as I would love to plant my foot up his ass I would have to pass shoving a spoon up there because he would enjoy it too much. However if someone else shoves it up there then perhaps they can put it on the web if they haven't already so we can all have a good laugh.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The comedy never ends

Here are some gems from FS's blog section, see if you find them as funny as I did:

First we have Simpatico aka Simpleton weighing in on why he is the biggest moron out there and with this comment he will be king of the idiots for a very long time.

Check this out:

It is SO obvious that these four are all one and the same person. Same spelling mistakes (many), same punctuation errors (many), same reassurances that Masculist is a "man's man." Yeah, you don't say...

02 July 2007 01:42

What he is refering to is that Old Guard,Veteran and an anonymous poster showed up on FS's comments area and he thinks I'm using mulitple id's,which I am not. I've already stated before that I'm NOT Old Guard nor am I Veteran and I'm not the anonymous poster either but they don't believe me.

Of course ACLAF doesn't want to miss out on looking stupid either so he chimes in with:

Always the same tactics. I'm sure that I could run an IP trace and discover that a number of anti femscum comments on this blog come from the same computer, but you know what? It's going to be even more fun to assume that these guys are actually different people. He acts loud and obnoxious now, but it won't last. Stay tuned kids, I've become psychic, and there's humble pie in Collaborationist Man's future.

02 July 2007 07:24

To which I told Junior to go ahead. If Junior believes I am using multiple id's then he needs to go forward with it. I told him to prove it or STFU. Let's see what he does.

Of course there are intelligent posters there too.

First there is anonymous poster:

I need to know if feminist scum is a woman firster or if he sides with masculists. From what ive seen he is a yellow belly and i know its true because others have debated him in the past and whipped this chickens ass.

01 July 2007 09:18

by the way i am on masculist mans side and he is a mans man not a wimp like fs who keeps telling us how non sexist he is like he wants to lick up to women.

01 July 2007 09:24

Then followed by Old Guard:

fs is yellow and now anonymous and masculist man know it that makes 3. How many more genuine mra you going to kid, you wont fool me.

01 July 2007 10:39

Followed by Veteran:

With me that makes 4 now is masculist man in the minority i think not, 4 is alot of people and we all realise your chicken shit women-come first agenda. i saw your video is that a reference to any masculist over 40? or are you just being a chicken coward who flaps his gums.

01 July 2007 11:15

And concluded nicely by anonymous:

I think you should publically apologise to masculist man and old guard and any other masculist you have offended.
Down with women's vote.

01 July 2007 11:35

It seems to me that FS,ACLAF and Simpatico are finding themselves outnumbered as some real MRA's come forward. Let's see how FS,ACLAF and Simpatico aka the three stooges get themselves out of this one.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't think I forgot about AFN

my two cennes on the arrogant ones If there is a thing which I do not include/understand, this is why certain people are imbeciles and arrogant. It seems that to be a woman who speaks, is not always welcome by certain men. It is quite true that the majority of the men members of the MRA are quite happy to have women in their circle, whereas others are so arrogant, that they put to you in full face the fact that they do not love the women, that him or them, contrary in the majority of the men were not made take in a marriage missed with a egocentric and extravagant woman, and that towards the age from 50 to 60 years, they are always alone, with a money mountain. Such a behavior is not only innacceptable towards the women, but also towards the men. It is the kind of arrogant man, who finally, is as détrimental at the company and the movement of the men as the feminists. What can that well to me foutre that such a man is always unmarried, in around fifty? That does not prove absolutely anything the whole, nada. It is what the goal? to return to me jealous of its money? I grate myself about it royally of his dough, as long as with me Ben there it foutre in the bottom can. My only goal is to promote the human right and to stop the feminism. I have anything with foutre of it similar idiots.

This posting was in French.(sarcasm) Oh,what a big brave woman,insulting me in a language I don't understand.Quick,let's give her full equality,build a statue to her and put her on the same status as the men who did the minor little things like go to war or risk life or limb to help others.(/sarcasm) This is a big reason I don't respect women. They act big and tough to those who are weaker than them or those who won't fight back. However for those of us who will fight back they high tail it and run. Women demand respect but do nothing to earn it,no they expect it on a silver platter,just as they are used to. It's time to change that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FS talks more shit

Masc Man's crying about me again on his blog.

He claims I'm all over the place. LOL, the thick cunt seriously finds it hard to understand even the most basic of things.

Haha, he's like some homophobic cunt who is trying to expose gays who are already out of the closet. The thick sack of shit.

Someone needs to take him to one side, and slap the shit out of him.

09 April 2007 07:25

If FS were to attempt to do something like that to me there wouldn't be much of him to bury after I got through with him.

I've posted the truth about him and have back those posts with a reference link. He,however,cannot do anything but talk rhetoric in retaliation.

Monday, April 9, 2007

FS admits being pro-female

A certain pack of cunts, Veteran, Old Guard, and the psychopath Masc Man seem to be under the illusion that I have some how "infiltrated" their movement. Bullshit. I am NOT, and NEVER have been an MRA. If you link to me, and you have a problem with it, you should take me off your link list.

When I first started thing blog, I actually came out and said I was NOT an MRA. I've actually told people like Fred X on MSN countless times I am not an MRA. What I am though, is just an anti feminist. I stick up for men AND women where I think they're being treated unfairly. The reason I may come across as an MRA is because I generally stick up for men more because men need it more because of shitty feminism.

If this makes me a mangina in your eyes, so be it. I'll call a cunt a cunt regardless of whether they're a man, a woman, an MRA or a femskank. Don't like it? Tough shit. I'm not changing my ways for any one, and I will always be pro female, and anti femcunts.

I thought I made this clear enough when I started this blog, but clearly not. I'm going to be adding this to my archives section for quick reference when people start crying at me.

Posted by feminist_scum at 03:29

There you have it,FS admits it. He's all over the place.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Emma-the antifeminist that wasn't

It seems as though "Emma" is a feminist spy who played a joke on a lot of MRA's (yours truly being an exception) and destroyed the trust of a lot of MRA's. I hate to be the one to tell you so but it looks like I was right and continue to be right concerning women in our movement.

Here is the following to prove my case:

01 April 2007

April 1st 2007 - a modest proposal OR in Cyberspace no one can hear you laugh

“I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled” Jonathan Swift

“Do you know they took the word gullible out of the dictionary?” old joke

For heavens sake - Emma was no Jonathan Swift, (probably because she’s a woman) but seriously guys & gals – Emma, curiously stilted anti feminist god bothering homophobic nutcase??Or love gods way ministries -( God hates fags! – another spoof )
and concern for family and womanhood? (Real amazingly, but should be a satire, ‘cos it’s very very funny).

Or all those frankly insane comments by ‘anti feminist women’ - who were of course feminists IN
ON THE JOKE (thanks to all who spelt out their own messages, top marks!).Lets face it though - y’all aren’t as good at spotting fakes as you think you are I mean:Emma Woodhouse – have you never read any Jane Austen?Do you ever read anything apart from woman hating monthly?

You’d realise if you did that:

Oh no - you can’t believe everything you read!Unsurprisingly, you were all so eager to believe in Emma you missed out on the subliminal messages in her pieces but do go back and read what the first letter of every sentence spells out won’t you, (or if you can’t be arsed)

Feminism is great

You are all a bunch of wankers

Do you really believe this shitAll the lazy dykes they pity how you live
and remember this next time you’re all salivating about some Auntie Thomasina, ‘anti feminist woman’, She might not be real – in fact she could even be a MAN! (ok I’m quite bored with spelling things out by now).

So my modest proposal is - why not get a life!

Emma anti feminist fraud has left the building but remember - being a prick is nothing but a choice!


Under "comments" FS said:

Lmao, you thick femcunts. You haven't achieved anything. Anyone can open up a blog, and parrot things said by other people and fool them in to thinking they're on their side.

03 April 2007 13:27



Interesting you should say that FS as that is what you are doing to the real MRA's but I'm not going to let it happen,in fact I will stop you and ACLAF.

If you notice in Emma's comments section you will notice that the feminists congradulate Emma on pulling this off and a lot of those comments are dated after April 1st so I don't believe this is a joke but feminists ripping off the human facade they wear and revealing the foul creatures they truly are.

I left a "thank you" note in her comments section and here it is:

Thank you,Emma. Thank you for showing your fangs and proving what I said about women in the men's movement is a disaster. Thank you for making me look not only good but right on. Thank you for adding clout to what I said and most of all,thank you for fucking up and shooting yourself in the foot. If you have no idea who I am just ask Feminist Scum.

07 April 2007 02:49

Of course FS weighs in with:

For the people who want to know who he is, Masc Man is a dip shit who hates women. (I don't hate women, I only hate femcunts) If femcunts want to go after someone, go after this guy. He is a psychopath, and someone we should all hate.Oh, and Masc Man, I looked at your blog. You claim you will stop me and CLAF, LMAO. There's fuck all you can do, you little worm. Oh, and isn't it a bit quiet over on your blog? Haha. You silly psychopathic weirdo, Masc Man.

07 April 2007 02:58

Thank you,FS. You just said you would join forces with an admitted misandric feminist (and her sistern) to go after a genuine MRA and you ask us to trust you. I hope this opens everybody's eyes as to whom FS and ACLAF actually are and what they genuinely stand for.

Even his own friends see the truth..but not him

From FS's comments section: (other's comments in italics)

anonymous said:

I your blog and agree with much you say but I think you got owned here;

FS kisses up to woman

Can you explain this?

01 April 2007 20:48

Anonymous,you called that one just right and as my British brothers would say,"spot on". Yes,I own FS I own him royally. Royalfuckingly.

Of course FS,being in denial,said:

FS said;

Let me elaborate more. I'm not even sure what he's crying about.

I presume Masc Man is crying about the way I explained myself further? Or the way he says I grovelled at her feet first, then defended Fred?

Weird. The first post in that thread was of me defending Fred first, then it was me debating with TBQ.

Masc Man, if you're reading this:


You're also a hypocritical little prick, Masc Man. You always slam me, and then you always say you have no problems with Fred. Well considering Fred feels the same way about female anti feminists as I do, that makes you retarded.

Go on, make another post about me you little cunt.

02 April 2007 01:53

Source: FS's comments section

So let's break this down:

Let me elaborate more. I'm not even sure what he's crying about.

I've pointed out how you grovelled at Bisquit Queen's feet like you do other women and I've provided a link for anyone who wanted to view it from the source. I posted what you said,dude and changed nothing. If this is a problem you shouldn't have written that post to begin with.

I presume Masc Man is crying about the way I explained myself further? Or the way he says I grovelled at her feet first, then defended Fred?

Crying? No. But you did grovel at her feet as you can't deny that.

Weird. The first post in that thread was of me defending Fred first, then it was me debating with TBQ.

Debate? I don't call grovelling at someone's feet "debating". I call it "debasing".

Masc Man, if you're reading this:

You can count on that happening now can't you,McMoron.

You're also a hypocritical little prick, Masc Man. You always slam me, and then you always say you have no problems with Fred. Well considering Fred feels the same way about female anti feminists as I do, that makes you retarded.

I disagree with Fred on female inclusion as well but there is a difference between you and Fred. Fred let what that guy had said alone,you and ACLAF are the ones who made a big deal out of it and you're the one who slammed the guy on your blog thereby trying to make an example out of him. Unless you gave him moderator status on your board you are the one to post his post on your blog and you are the one to highlight it. I believe Emma should have taught you not to trust women (looks like I was right,now doesn't it. But that is for another post) as there is no such thing as an female MRA. If you can't learn from this mistake then you are truly stupid.


Have you seen my hit counter? I've only had it up there for 5 days and I'm already at the 700 mark and that is the 700 that I know of,there is no telling how many were on my blog prior to me installing the counter.

Go on, make another post about me you little cunt.

You mean like this one? Oh,for the record,I'm not a "little cunt" since I don't have that equipment. It would be more correct for you to call me a "big dick" since that would be more appropriate.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

FS kisses up to a woman

Fred is taking on the biscuit queen on his forum. I'm not surprised as she showed her true colors to me years ago and I've heard about Dr.Evil at SYG and Fred confirmed what a mangina Dr.Evil truly is. Fred took her on and whipped her ass that is why the mangina Dr.Evil stepped in and closed the thread.

But what about FS? What did he do?

He bowed and sniveled at her feet basically.

Check out what I mean: (Femskank-scum is FS)



Posts: 3

Re: Youtube Mangina
« Reply #12 on: March 31, 2007, 10:52:30 AM »

Biscuit Queen, when I said feminists have helped make this World worse, I only meant in regards to domestic abuse laws, and other things which affect men.

As for femcunts using radicals as proof our movement is defective, yes they could. But Fred is not a radical. The only part of him which could be considered radical is the way he insults femcunts and manginas, his message certainly is NOT. That is how you judge radical feminists.

By their message. If you want a radical MRA, look no further than Masculist Man.
I agree when you say it would be a shame if we turned in to something just as bad as the feminists, but the likes of me, AND Fred have spoken up against people who hate on others unfairly.

You say Fred showed the boy nothing, well that's a load of nonsense right there. Fred clearly showed him how he was wrong, AND proved it. The guy, Hazmat, just refused to accept it. I'm stunned at your claims that Fred proved Hazmat's points. I really really am. Fred pretty much destroyed any points Hazmat had, and then he just resorted to making comments which had nothing to do with anything because he had no come backs.


First this guy grovels at her feet then he defends Fred. Do you see why I don't trust these two now? They're all over the place.

They,like a lot of people,think feminism is a legitimate movement which it is not but I'll cover that in another post.

Hmmm,first Sue fucks up then Julie now Biscuit Queen. Does anybody else notice a pattern here? Does anyone else think I may be right about women in the movement after all?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Julie helping me prove my case?

It would certainly seem so as I offer the following: (Julie's comments in italics)

First Julie says (there was some mix up and I believe she meant to aim this at ACLAF and FS):

I was shocked at the anti when I started to get involved but I understand where they come from. Have you any idea how much these feminists want men dead? How they want to eradicate men completely from existence? Are you aware there was a gender war back in the 80's? And no women stood by the men? (Maybe a few but not enough) Are you aware that some of these men were raped from these feminists because of their stand and are you aware how these feminists rape? Worse than men. They may have killed some men, I don't know but I wouldn't put it past them. They will do anything to KILL you because you are X. You are a deformed Y to them.

Yes,I agree that feminism is out to get men.

Then the contridictions starts:

Are you aware of the amount of women who walk out one door while their husbands walk out the other door when their plane hits land outside of the Eastern countries. You can't tell me that these women prefer to be hidden behind cloth and holding their men as their God like creatures.

I told her that women world wide fare better than men world wide do.

Other countries also have it but in different ways. Thailand women cause problems for men (just ask your embassy)because men cannot own homes if they are not from that country. They may own 49% while their new wife (who is supposed to be better than western women LOL) owns 51%. Then as the niave man's back is turned, she sells the house and is gone.
These women are trained and have been for centuries to get the better of men.

I pointed out how I would like to exterminate feminists.

To which:

I liked your comment till you said you hate feminists.
I must be a feminist as the mothers who started this were. They really mean't well. Honest. They are upset now that things have become what they are. They were the good women and so are the real victims.

She also said I should back off feminists. Well,Julie that is not going to happen.

Ah,the mask of the female anti-feminist starts to rip and we find out she is not so "anti" anymore. Feminism is an misandric system out to exterminate men and only 3 people have whitewashed it so far: ACLAF,FS and now Julie.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Junior,again...this time on Marc Lepine-again

It seems that junior is insinuating that Lepine and I are feminist puppets. Junior truly is too funny. There is a lot supposition in his data and the downplaying of feminism as though he is excusing feminism. Aren't these the actions of a feminist? Yes it is.

Davout called into question ACLAF's data.

Davout said: (ACLAF's comment in "")

"any female applicant with a comparable record would no doubt have been made the same offer"

There is considerable evidence to the contrary, especially in Martin Loney's book. I don't condone Lepine's actions but affirmative action ensures that women with lower grades than men get into university. It would be interesting to get a hold of the selections data, for say 1969-1989, for engineering universities in Quebec and see how many women got in because of reverse discrimination. The number of women getting in unfairly=the number of men who didn't make it.Lepine could have actually been a help rather than a hindrance, if he bothered to publicise, in some manner, the biased selections process.

March 26, 2007 11:33 AM

Yes,but as I've pointed out this happened in the pre-civilian use of the internet and publisizing it would be very expensive and difficult to do since feminists controlled the old media.

It seems to be like I said,Mr. Lepine's back was to the wall.



It seems that McMoron (FS) is at it again on his blog's responses section and this time he is getting his ass kicked by Old Guard and Old Guard is the wiser of the two. No,I'm not Old Guard either.

McMoron spouts off:

Feminist scum said:

These old guys hate me because I dared to question some guy who made an attack on female anti feminists. If I made an attack on someone who made an attack on a male anti feminist, I wouldn't have these old guys coming on to my blog harassing me. I think it's pretty pathetic really.

17 March 2007 11:41

Old Guard said:

You appear to be a very immature newcomer, and if you'd stop trying to please women the way that you do, perhaps people would stop thinking you are pussy whipped. You seem more prejudiced against old timers, (your words) than against the enemy; western women. Stop kissing up to women you wimp.

17 March 2007 15:45

Feminist scum said:

Stop crying, little man. I'm not changing my ways for any one. If you don't like it, tough shit. When it comes to female anti feminists, and females who want to better their selves, I'll always support them. I support men who are getting screwed over just as much, if not more.You can carry on replying to this thread if you want, but as far as I'm concerned I'm done with you.

17 March 2007 15:52

Old Guard said:

...But I don't respect FS or ACLAF and I am in agreement with masculist man on this one. And ACLAFS stupid wife who bitches just like these two manginas. They are pretending to be mras when they are nothing but yellow bellies who are obsessed with making themselves sound appealing to women. Sell outs is what they are fast becoming.

19 March 2007 12:33

Of course Junior has to pipe in with:

ACLAF said:

This is all too convenient to be coincidence. I believe that I'm the one who first used the term "old guard" in the context of speaking about an older generation of MRA's. I can't help but notice that the term has been co-opted. This is not however to original definition of what it means to be the "old guard." Perhaps "old guard" you could enlighten us about the original definition of the phrase. Somehow, I doubt that you'll have any idea what the phrase actually refers to.

19 March 2007 18:38

Then of course ACLAF has to have his banshee weigh in with:

AFN said:

oh yeah old guard? are you CERTAIN that you are your OWN entity?To me you sound more like an imaginary friend ...................and by the way, you obviously do not understand the meaning of "old guard".

20 March 2007 05:10

Old Guard stands up to these morons with:

Old Guard said:

Just like the coward you are FS, getting others to stand up for you. And you lose 100 respect points for hiding behind Fred as you've done in the past.And ACLAF, Old Guard is my name, I don't need to define my own name now surely. You and your wife need to get in the stables you ugly beasts.

20 March 2007 09:59

Notice how ACLAF and FS receive a lot of FEMALE praise.

Hmm,it seems that there are 3 of us that have caught on to these two. Are there anymore?


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moron has his thumb up his ass

This from FS's blog,over the link to this site:

Masculist Man is a cunt who is obsessed with me, and wants my children

This truly made me LMAO as I read it. Just like ACLAF,this moron is totally off.

Thanks to Veteran for weighing in on FS's blog and no,I'm not Veteran.

Here's what I mean:

Veteran said:

You are a weak yellow belly if ever I saw one. You first try to imitate the likes of Fred X and Duncan Idaho by using profanity, yet at the same time you behave like a chivalrous mangina whipping-boy. Well done, you may have got the respect of a few MRA's (which you don't deserve) through a couple of things you've written where you do slam women. Then you go and ruin it by siding with the enemy and making shitty posts defending women and attacking mras. You write in pink (which is peculiar) and you obviously don't understand issues relating to gender at all. Go away you lilly livered doormat.

14 March 2007 07:11

feminist scum said:

You are a complete idiot aren't you? I don't need to "imitate" anyone. And no, I haven't acted once chivalrous on my blog at all.

I defended women who are on our side, and attacked twats, just like I'm attacking you now. Twat.

Are you so damn retarded you can't see that??

14 March 2007 07:19

Veteran said:

...But he (FS) seems kind of ''weak'' to me all the same, and he's even putting female antifeminists on a higher level on his blog links. I still think him using pink says more about him than anything, and I am uncertain if this man will bring much to the mra movement.

16 March 2007 14:01


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Junior gets corrected

It seems as though Junior is getting questioned in his knowledge of Marc Lepine and somebody had to correct him but after that he fudged his data. Check this out:

ACLAF said:

Marc Lépine was the man who walked into Montreal's École Polytechnique, which is an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal, and shot 28 people, killing 14, wounding 14 then shot and killed himself.

March 19, 2007 3:09 PM

anonymous said:

Marc Lepine didn't kill 14 'people'. He killed fourteen women. Before shooting the women, he sent the men home. Apparently, he was fighting feminism.

March 22, 2007 12:28 PM

ACLAF said:

So, women aren't people? Or are you specifically trying to point out that the people he killed were women in honor of some agenda? Isn't the goal of feminism to point out that women are people too?

He also did not "send the men" home, he shot 4, killing one of them. Himself.

March 22, 2007 2:32 PM



Didn't Junior originally say 14 women were killed and 14 men were injured then after being corrected say that 4 men were wounded and one was killed by Lepine?

Yes as a matter of fact he did. Let's look at his statements again:

Marc Lépine was the man who walked into Montreal's École Polytechnique, which is an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal, and shot 28 people, killing 14, wounding 14 then shot and killed himself.

March 19, 2007 3:09 PM

So, women aren't people? Or are you specifically trying to point out that the people he killed were women in honor of some agenda? Isn't the goal of feminism to point out that women are people too?

He also did not "send the men" home, he shot 4, killing one of them. Himself.

March 22, 2007 2:32 PM

Yes,yes he did. In fact let's look at something else I found interesting,these two statements:

So, women aren't people?.....Isn't the goal of feminism to point out that women are people too?

Is that what you are here for? To further the goals of feminism? It would seem you know a lot about feminism from what you have said and now it seems you are trying to further those goals.
You're the one who,along with FS,sticks up for female MRA's by saying they are "people too" and by your own admission that is the goal of feminism. I knew you were one.

BTW,thanks to anonymous for standing up to this crap.

Monday, March 19, 2007

From FS,with food for thought

FS's comments in italics

I think they're (manginas) even worse than most female feminists. Most female feminists just scream misogyny at everything they disagree with, but manginas are a little more tricky. Instead of answering any arguments they put forward, they either:

- Censor you
- Make an attempt to confuse you, or
- Talk down to you even when you try and be reasonable with them

That sounds a lot like what you and ACLAF are doing. Especially with ACLAF moderating/censoring the comments on his blog and you both shout down your opponents and you both scream "misogyny" so you basically are what you are complaining about. Typical projectionism.

This reminds me,FS's forum colors are basically black,white and pink. The same colors of a women's group that we defeated not too long ago. Hmmmm.


ACLAF's comments in italics

Respect is earned, not given. Shit head.

The new guard is the future, alienate us, including the girls, at your own peril.

Is that what we really want, another hate movement? Because if that's the way it's going to be, then count me and probably AFN out right here, right now.

It sounds like to me you are saying: "respect us and do as we say or we're out of here". Is that the gist of it? Since you are not good at answering questions put to you without throwing a fit like a kindergartener would I would guess you are demanding respect or else,which would make you a hypocrite.

You seem to have a habit of talking out of your ass,as in:

I shall have to apologize to Fred then! I read him often but I can and do miss personal details about people.
Fred, if you read this, I'm so sorry to have gotten your marital status wrong.

March 6, 2007 8:04 PM

So like a typical bitch you run off at the mouth without having the facts at hand. Yep,just like a feminist. You still are a feminist but you realize they are losing so you come here and since you were ordering them around that you would do the same thing here and get everybody to dance to your tune. Hasn't worked,has it? Nope,not at all.

So let me get this straight,while I was doing what I could for the cause for men you were still choosing which bubble gum to buy with your allowence then you are going to come and tell the veterans how to do this? I don't think so,son. Sit down and shut up,open your ears and eyes and you might learn something.

For the record I don't respect you or your cunt either.

I've posted on Young Buck's and Eternal Bachelor's forum,so they have a rough idea of where I'm coming from. However,Khankrumthebulgar knows me better than they do and their blogs are all listed on your blog front page.

I noticed you are now moderating the posts or just mine? I fucking dare you to post this,if not I will elsewhere. Your choice.

Who's turning on who exactly? I never said that I wouldn't post your little rant, I thought I'd save it for something just like this.

Actually you're the one turning on us,not with just one posting but two and with these two you discourage potential allies and I did tell you that response would be posted,if not on your blog then elsewhere and I meant it too.

Dear Sir,

Perhaps you'd care to explain why you have showed your open support for a mass-murderer? Just what do you hope to accomplish by staging a Marc Lépine style shooting of women?

Marc Lepine faced anti-male affirmative action at his college and basically had his back to wall along with other men. He saw affirmative action give preferences to women just because they had cunts. He saw a Parliment that didn't give a shit,a society that didn't give a shit and had no legal recourse and this was the pre-internet days so he couldn't start a blog to protest the injustice he experienced and chances are the old media was feminist controlled and censored critical information about it so chances are he saw little recourse but to take the action he took to show Parliment and society that it couldn't just shit on men and those men be ignored.

Is that not your profile in the image?

Actually the avatar I use for this blog is Al Pacino from Scarface.

By claiming Marc Lépine's image as your own, do you not express open admiration for his violent criminal actions?

Criminal or someone who's back was to the wall?

And then you expect that we should treat you like a friend, when you clearly want to style yourself as the next Hitler?

And you pattern yourself after Stalin by threatening to silence those who disagree with you so what gives you the right to jump my ass,hypocrite.

You are no friend to the MRM, you are a coward,

More of a friend than you are. Coward? I've done an excellent job in standing up to you and exposing your lying ass and that sir,would make you a LIAR.

and a woman-hater, and you have no place here.

Want to hear something ironic? It's been women who've agreed with me on being suspicious of women. So who's putting you up to your "pro-woman" attitude your wife? Or the other feminists?

I must draw your attention to an article written by well-known columnist, and men's rights advocate, Glenn Sacks. I do not know when the column first appeared, however it is entitled "Confronting Woman-Bashing in the Men's Movement." I have linked the article for your convenience.

I generally agree with Sacks except on this issue. However when he attacks feminists I agree with him. In fact I've told you that when you attack feminists I have no problem with it. Here,let me refresh your memory:


I've read the responses you and FS have made to the feminasties and it is admirable that you are taken them on as I have done this many times,on that there is no disagreement.

March 17, 2007 12:40 AM

Source: here

It has become relatively common knowledge among the various people who read my blog, that you took issue with my argument in favor of being tolerant towards those women who choose to join the men's movement, and intolerant towards the sexist bigots who would oppose them.

I wonder how many men were put off by those two posts of yours and I'll bet you'll jump on those venting. Wait a minute did you say you have nothing against venting? Yes you did and here it is:

If you wanna vent, that's fine,

March 16, 2007 11:33 PM

But then you team up with FS,who basically played Captain save-a-ho by attacking a man who was venting which led me to ask(and I would like an answer):

Okay,the anonymous poster that FS jumped on was venting. Do you support his right to vent? Or do you support what FS did?

March 17, 2007 12:48 AM

You have accused me of being: an agent provocateur for feminists, a feminist in disguise, a mangina, a communist, a horse's ass, a bitch, a hypocrite, a feminist spy, a "sissyfuck," evil, an asshole, a fucking moron, and an idiot.

Yeah,and it still goes since you have done very little to dissuede me of it.

Given that this is largely based on what you perceive to be chivalry on my part,

Shoe fits,wear it. You've got two posts on your own blog that confirm this.

I must now challenge you to sufficiently address the character of Mr. Sacks and the article in question. I realize that his article is considerably less provocative than mine, but nonetheless, we overlap in our distaste for true misogyny, and true misogynists within the men's movement.

I've answered it.

I don't believe that you have the courage to openly attack Mr. Sacks.

I only disagree with him on this one issue,otherwise I would say continue fighting the good fight.

He has so rightly pointed out that you are nothing more than an ignorant woman basher,

And I've rightfully pointed out you're a pompous ass.

and no friend to men, or to the men's movement.

More of a friend than you are,junior.

He has warned you that such attitudes will likely prove disastrous, but while you attack us, you ignore him.

He's back his shit with action. All I've seen from you is rhetoric.

You have no integrity, you're nothing but misogynist coward, hiding behind an electronic curtain, unwilling to stand up for and say what you really believe in.

If you had been to my message board and read my postings you would know where I stand. Instead you wallow in ignorance and make foolish assumptions. But then again that is your style.

If you have such a problem with men choosing to admire women who join us in this struggle, then you can direct your bile at Glenn Sacks.

I have proven that my beliefs are with merit. Can you do the same with yours?

Your arguments are not only profoundly flawed

How? I've done an excellent job refuting you so they can't be that bad. Tell me something,when you were a (honest) feminist did you tell women to tone down misandry?

but are a disastrous defeatist strategy,

I don't see it that way.

they are also deeply unethical.

How's that? I don't owe women shit. In fact they owe men big time.

The best thing that you can do for the men's movement at this point is to leave and never return.

Tell you what,shit in one hand and wish for my abscense in another and see which one gets filled faster.

Furthermore, your victim-mentality is not only personally repulsive, it smacks of feminist indoctrination.

Well,you would know about feminist indoctrination since you are one,but I'll tackle it:

If a man is a victim of a woman or women is he not to be guaranteed justice and possible compensation? Is he not entitled to equal justice? Is he not entitled to equal protection?

Either prove us wrong, attack Glenn Sacks, or leave, now. We're better off without you.
Since you are far too cowardly to do the former, I expect you'll do the latter.

Well,it looks like you are 0-2 in predicting me.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It seems through it all ACLAF focuses on FEMALE victimization,I offer the following:

ACLAF said:

"Dear Miss Golfman,

I'm so very sorry that the stories of the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan had the effect of disturbing your precious Christmas Holidays. I'm truly saddened by your plight. It must have been simply awful for you to realize that some poor child in this country of ours had her cheeks stained with tears, brought on by the knowledge that daddy wasn't going to be coming home."

Source: his board.

Feminist Scum

It wouldn't be right to exclude a photo of Feminist Scum,now would it.

So here he is (he's the one in front).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

What I've said about women

On my board:

I keep hearing about these other mras end up catering to women on orther sites and it pisses me off. The thing is if you're going to be an mra then abandon chivilary or don't become a mra because somewhere on the net perhaps a forum some woman is going to play her games and you're going to start to fall for it and in the process backstab other men that are your allies so think about it.

Now some may say: "Yeah,yeah,heard it before. How about proving it".

To which I say no problem.

I give you The Good,The Bad and The Sue.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Junior is at it-again

Junior is harping again on his anti-misogyny trip,this time linking to a Glenn Sacks article denouncing women bashing. For an "anti-feminist?" he sure spends a lot of time denouncing "woman bashing",more so than the feminists do.

I believe the guys in the following article may be misogynistic,for good reason:

This is happening in their own country yet they don't address it,instead they continue to tell men how to act. Pathetic.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just what has the old guard accomplished?

One of the them being lobbying Florida to change the false accusation of rape laws from misdemeanors to felonies. I read this in the Liberator a few years ago,sorry no link.

The NFL's Mike Ditka brought up prostate cancer awareness in the NFL.

Masculist lobbying has lead to:

Scientists Discover Way To Block Growth Of Prostate Cancer CellsScientists have discovered for the first time a specific biochemical pathway by which the sex hormone, androgen, increases levels of harmful chemicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the prostate gland that play a role in the development of prostate cancer.

Oct 24, 2006 8:56 pm US/Eastern

Judge Rules 9-Year-Old Will Not Have Circumcision(AP) CHICAGO A judge in a case closely watched by those who oppose circumcision sided Tuesday with a divorced man who did not want his 9-year-old son to undergo the procedure. Circuit Judge Jordan Kaplan said that circumcision is "an extraordinary medical procedure" for a 9-year-old and that the boy can decide for himself when he turns 18.

Tamihere still in favour with votersApr 18, 2005


He might have upset most of his parliamentary colleagues, but John Tamihere has struck a chord with voters.A ONE News Colmar Brunton poll shows his claims that men are ignored and political correctness has taken over have widespread support.,1515.0.html

Male-Bashing at Mother Merrill?By Kevin BurkeSep 8, 2006 1:50 PM

Merrill’s sex-discrimination troubles just won’t go away. But this time it isn’t a woman raising a stink. Blas Catalani, a former sales manager at Merrill Lynch’s San Antonio office, is suing a female ex-broker and her lawyer on grounds that the two women conspired to get him fired.Catalani filed a complaint in a Bexar County, Texas, district court against former Merrill rep Hydie Sumner and her attorney Linda Friedman for allegedly trashing his reputation to upper management in an effort to break his contract so that Sumner could take his job. Catalani is seeking $8 million in damages and forfeited pay. On Aug. 29, Catalani also filed a discrimination complaint against Merrill with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that the company dismissed him based on his gender.

Flatley Hopes to Become 'Lord of the Courtroom'The Associated PressFriday, July 28, 2006; 11:20 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Michael Flatley has won a court ruling that allows him to sue a woman who claimed he had raped her.The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Flatley's $100 million extortion and defamation lawsuit against Tyna Marie Robertson can proceed to trial.

U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Arousal Test for Sex OffenderBy Tanya Caldwell, Times Staff WriterJune 21, 2006

A periodic test that measures a man's response to erotic images is "Orwellian" because it examines his mind, not just his body, and should not be used because it deprives him of more freedom than necessary, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.In order to be released from prison, U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson had ruled in 2001, Matthew Weber would have to subject himself to tests in which a pressure-sensitive electronic device is placed around the penis and the response to stimulating images is monitored, said his lawyer, Jonathan Libby.

Judge rules SR women's fitness club must open to menBody Central found in violation of state's anti-bias law after Santa Rosa man's complaintBy STEVE HARTTHE PRESS DEMOCRATIn a case that could have repercussions for single-sex fitness clubs, a Sonoma County judge has ordered a Santa Rosa women's health club to open its doors to men.Judge Knoel Owen said Body Central must provide showers and lockers for men and stop advertising itself as a women-only health club.

The New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men.

To name just a few.

Feminist Scum-mangina 2

Feminist scum said:

28 February 2007

Fuck off you twat

Women who "get it"

I just HAD to post this incredible nonsense posted by some Anonymous coward bad mouthing female anti feminists.

these women don't "get it"! what they actually realise is that feminism is about to backfire, and the want to cover their asses before its too late.what we men need to "get" is that these women are not coming into new information and having an awakening. the idea that feminism discriminates and has negative affects is something the have known all along. they are simply feigning ignorance to try to look innocent.ask yourself weather you truly believe these women could go so long through life and not know men were suffering. they new, and couldn't care less!most of these women are simply reading MRA sits and blogs and parroting mindlessly in a vain attempt to appear on our side, but sratch the surface and im sure you see self centered motives.these women should be barred from the movement! not only is it pointless to have a group of self motivated backstabbing harpies in our ranks, it also sets a bad standard for what we expect of women. is all these women have to do given the attrocities feminism has done,to be start a blog and copy past from MRA sites? are we going to demand nothing more? one of our problems as a movement is we haven't come to any agreement as to what is expected in recompence from women. sure we have a list of demands that would see a system made fair. but is all we ask of someone who puts a knife in our back that they take it out? are we all even if the knife is taken out?women need to show their sincerity by paying a fair price before they get to be viewed as partners in any form. and what we need to do is come up with a list of "prices" to pay, so that we can review the lives of these women and have a colective agreement as to what a fair price really is.

Piss off, Anonymous. Female anti feminists have almost nothing to gain from joining us. Femcunts and manginas have all of the power in society, and female anti feminists are going against peer pressure, shaming tactics and refusing to be sheep like the rest of society. You claim they have to prove their selves because they're women. Bullshit. I could easily be a mangina in disguise yet you demand nothing from the likes of me. That right there is unfair AND discrimination. Something you claim to hate about feminism. You also claim that they've known all along how bad feminism is, yet the likes of me are new to the movement, and I didn't know until recently how bad feminism was. So that point is crap too.I get no satisfaction from calling out a fellow anti feminists on bullshit, but this had to be done. But also, at the same time I get the feeling that this guy is actually either a femcunt or mangina posing as one of us to show how "sexist" we are. Either way, your comment was a load of shite regardless of who you are.

Posted by feminist_scum at 04:19 24 comments

Maybe I'm wrong but I've always felt that MRA sites were a safe haven for men to vent how they feel about women in today's society yet they are getting shouted down as though they were posting on a feminist board. Now if anonymous had posted on a feminist board this reaction would be understandable but on an MRA board? Why is this the case on an MRA board?

This brings up more questions: have they ever told women to tone down misandry? Have they ever done this to back up their "anti-sexism anti-hate" attitude or are they just trying to subdue us? Have they ever actually taken on the enemy (our enemy) in this war,whether through debate or other challenges?

I have and I've posted it here. What have feminist scum (fs) and aclaf done beside fuck with us? Those are the questions we should be asking.

Are you?

A Canadian Liberal Against Feminism said...

Hey Rob, I know it's off topic but have you encountered this Masculist Man and Chris Key before? They seem like trolls to me, and are all over that thread we were chatting on yesterday. Are they legit, or are they trolls?

9:33 AM

I've explained who I am and I have my forum listed in my profile so if someone has doubts about me they can check out my message board. Not only do I hold discussions there I write down my pearls of thought so that others may enjoy them as well. You can go to Chris' board and see where he coming from as well and you will find we've been very truthful about ourselves.

Now that you bring this up I would say that you are an agent provacatuer sent in by the feminists to aggitate things and you've done an excellent job too. I read how Rob Fedder compared feminism to communism (feminism actually has two wings: a left (liberal) one and a right (conservative) one) and when he got to the part of "critical theory" and how that works I thought of you and what you are doing and it struck me because that is exactly what you are doing here,divide and conquer.

It won't work because I won't let you do it.

Since the feminists are taking this tactic it would seem that they are losing and that is indeed joyous news.

We do???

I think one of the most cowshit things I have read in a long time is from the cow herself:

"well it is the same with us women, we are not all spoiled yet, it is up to you, men, to accept us in your cause."

This reminds me of what Rich Zubaty said (for the book see my profile) and that was women have a need to spread their memes everywhere and they feel their presence is required everywhere and that everyone will benefit from their abrupt intrusions. That they feel they have to occupy every sphere there is. Zubaty also went on to say that men need a space free from female intrusion or we will go mad. Very true words indeed.

In fact the only other man there at the link above,was an anonymous poster who left the following,which I agreed with and stated so:

"these women don't "get it"! what they actually realise is that feminism is about to
backfire, and the want to cover their asses before its too late.
what we men need to "get" is that these women are not coming into new information and having
an awakening. the idea that feminism discriminates and has negative affects is something the
have known all along. they are simply feigning ignorance to try to look innocent.
ask yourself weather you truly believe these women could go so long through life and not
know men were suffering. they new, and couldn't care less!
most of these women are simply reading MRA sits and blogs and parroting mindlessly in a vain
attempt to appear on our side, but sratch the surface and im sure you see self centered
these women should be barred from the movement! not only is it pointless to have a group of
self motivated backstabbing harpies in our ranks, it also sets a bad standard for what we
expect of women. is all these women have to do given the attrocities feminism has done,to be
start a blog and copy past from MRA sites? are we going to demand nothing more? one of our
problems as a movement is we haven't come to any agreement as to what is expected in
recompence from women. sure we have a list of demands that would see a system made fair. but
is all we ask of someone who puts a knife in our back that they take it out? are we all even
if the knife is taken out?
women need to show their sincerity by paying a fair price before they get to be viewed as
partners in any form. and what we need to do is come up with a list of "prices" to pay, so
that we can review the lives of these women and have a colective agreement as to what a fair
price really is."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Who are you?

Fair enough. I may seem like a johnny-come-lately to you but let me assure you I have been around the internet promoting men's rights for quite some time now. I used to have a very successful board with Cool Board but they went under. I was on Delphi for awhile,my views were deemed "too extreme" by the Delphi staff so a lot of my handles were deleted (even though the feminasties said worse and were of course,untouched) and I had to make up new ones. I was debating feminasties and I'll be damned if I'm going to let them win. Then I noticed that an employee of Delphi was visiting feminist forums and wrote about why my handles were deleted. I got what basically can be called a "fuck you" email response from them,probably by the cunt visiting these forums. Well,I basically posted their response and this bitch's activities on my Cool Board forum and let Delphi know about it. They must have shitted all over themselves because they canned her ass a week later so I count that as a triumph.

More recently I have another board that has been around for over a year and I moderate on other MRA boards as well.

In fact the last feminist I tangled with (a male one) can be found here:,1001.0.html .

ACLAF and the little missus

Mr. Arrogant and his ego-once again

A Canadian Liberal Against Feminism said:

Lee - Thanks for the vote of support, I really do appreciate it. I honestly could care less if I'm the only one who calls for some degree of tolerance, but a little support goes a long way. Ruth - Well, if he wanted to belong, he could develop manners which were more befitting a human being. It's all really rather childish isn't it? I give it a few weeks. Once he realizes that I'm not actually going to feed his ego by granting him what he desires, and ignore him, he'll probably shut up and go away, which incidentally, is probably what he should have done in the first place. I also know that he's reading this, and posting nearly everything said on his aforementioned forum. I think it might be fun to try to make him guess where I want him to jump next. I'm certainly not going to waste much more time on what is so clearly a child trapped in a man's body.

March 11, 2007 5:37 AM

I'm just supposed to shut up and go away,is that it? I wouldn't be much of an MRA if I did that now would I? I noticed he didn't post my response to a previous post. Hmmm,now he has to engage in censorship to avoid me. It seems that just like every other liberal they believe in free speech-for themselves only and if you notice IT IS WOMEN PRAISING HIM FOR WHAT HE DID. Aren't these the actions of a mangina? I believe we all know the answer is "yes".

Now as far as when I "jump" next is easy: I will "jump" to his board,get the evidence that shows what an utter mangina he truly is and "jump" back here and post it for the world to see. So I don't think he really wants me to "jump",because if I do he won't like it.

I caused it

I also want to add that one of the U.S. government agencies I wrote to,the FCC,to complain about pro-female content and misandry and this was during the Clinton administration so you can imagine the uphill battle I faced. I believe I was the one to intially cause the "angry,white males" backlash that a member of the FCC told congress. It was also during this time that I was a subscriber to the Liberator and that the Clinton adminstration had the FBI monitor our newsletter while leaving rabid feminists who wrote worse alone or worse yet,assisted in promoting their misandric bile.

On a humorous note: I guess the FBI director at the time,Louis Freeh,must have read the Liberator because he became a stay-at-home dad,so I like to think their monitoring move bit them in the ass.