Monday, March 12, 2007

Are you?

A Canadian Liberal Against Feminism said...

Hey Rob, I know it's off topic but have you encountered this Masculist Man and Chris Key before? They seem like trolls to me, and are all over that thread we were chatting on yesterday. Are they legit, or are they trolls?

9:33 AM

I've explained who I am and I have my forum listed in my profile so if someone has doubts about me they can check out my message board. Not only do I hold discussions there I write down my pearls of thought so that others may enjoy them as well. You can go to Chris' board and see where he coming from as well and you will find we've been very truthful about ourselves.

Now that you bring this up I would say that you are an agent provacatuer sent in by the feminists to aggitate things and you've done an excellent job too. I read how Rob Fedder compared feminism to communism (feminism actually has two wings: a left (liberal) one and a right (conservative) one) and when he got to the part of "critical theory" and how that works I thought of you and what you are doing and it struck me because that is exactly what you are doing here,divide and conquer.

It won't work because I won't let you do it.

Since the feminists are taking this tactic it would seem that they are losing and that is indeed joyous news.

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