Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't think I forgot about AFN

my two cennes on the arrogant ones If there is a thing which I do not include/understand, this is why certain people are imbeciles and arrogant. It seems that to be a woman who speaks, is not always welcome by certain men. It is quite true that the majority of the men members of the MRA are quite happy to have women in their circle, whereas others are so arrogant, that they put to you in full face the fact that they do not love the women, that him or them, contrary in the majority of the men were not made take in a marriage missed with a egocentric and extravagant woman, and that towards the age from 50 to 60 years, they are always alone, with a money mountain. Such a behavior is not only innacceptable towards the women, but also towards the men. It is the kind of arrogant man, who finally, is as d├ętrimental at the company and the movement of the men as the feminists. What can that well to me foutre that such a man is always unmarried, in around fifty? That does not prove absolutely anything the whole, nada. It is what the goal? to return to me jealous of its money? I grate myself about it royally of his dough, as long as with me Ben there it foutre in the bottom can. My only goal is to promote the human right and to stop the feminism. I have anything with foutre of it similar idiots.


This posting was in French.(sarcasm) Oh,what a big brave woman,insulting me in a language I don't understand.Quick,let's give her full equality,build a statue to her and put her on the same status as the men who did the minor little things like go to war or risk life or limb to help others.(/sarcasm) This is a big reason I don't respect women. They act big and tough to those who are weaker than them or those who won't fight back. However for those of us who will fight back they high tail it and run. Women demand respect but do nothing to earn it,no they expect it on a silver platter,just as they are used to. It's time to change that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FS talks more shit

Masc Man's crying about me again on his blog.

He claims I'm all over the place. LOL, the thick cunt seriously finds it hard to understand even the most basic of things.

Haha, he's like some homophobic cunt who is trying to expose gays who are already out of the closet. The thick sack of shit.

Someone needs to take him to one side, and slap the shit out of him.

09 April 2007 07:25


If FS were to attempt to do something like that to me there wouldn't be much of him to bury after I got through with him.

I've posted the truth about him and have back those posts with a reference link. He,however,cannot do anything but talk rhetoric in retaliation.

Monday, April 9, 2007

FS admits being pro-female

A certain pack of cunts, Veteran, Old Guard, and the psychopath Masc Man seem to be under the illusion that I have some how "infiltrated" their movement. Bullshit. I am NOT, and NEVER have been an MRA. If you link to me, and you have a problem with it, you should take me off your link list.

When I first started thing blog, I actually came out and said I was NOT an MRA. I've actually told people like Fred X on MSN countless times I am not an MRA. What I am though, is just an anti feminist. I stick up for men AND women where I think they're being treated unfairly. The reason I may come across as an MRA is because I generally stick up for men more because men need it more because of shitty feminism.

If this makes me a mangina in your eyes, so be it. I'll call a cunt a cunt regardless of whether they're a man, a woman, an MRA or a femskank. Don't like it? Tough shit. I'm not changing my ways for any one, and I will always be pro female, and anti femcunts.

I thought I made this clear enough when I started this blog, but clearly not. I'm going to be adding this to my archives section for quick reference when people start crying at me.

Posted by feminist_scum at 03:29

There you have it,FS admits it. He's all over the place.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Emma-the antifeminist that wasn't

It seems as though "Emma" is a feminist spy who played a joke on a lot of MRA's (yours truly being an exception) and destroyed the trust of a lot of MRA's. I hate to be the one to tell you so but it looks like I was right and continue to be right concerning women in our movement.

Here is the following to prove my case:

01 April 2007

April 1st 2007 - a modest proposal OR in Cyberspace no one can hear you laugh

“I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled” Jonathan Swift

“Do you know they took the word gullible out of the dictionary?” old joke

For heavens sake - Emma was no Jonathan Swift, (probably because she’s a woman) but seriously guys & gals – Emma, curiously stilted anti feminist god bothering homophobic nutcase??Or love gods way ministries -( God hates fags! – another spoof )
and concern for family and womanhood? (Real amazingly, but should be a satire, ‘cos it’s very very funny).

Or all those frankly insane comments by ‘anti feminist women’ - who were of course feminists IN
ON THE JOKE (thanks to all who spelt out their own messages, top marks!).Lets face it though - y’all aren’t as good at spotting fakes as you think you are I mean:Emma Woodhouse – have you never read any Jane Austen?Do you ever read anything apart from woman hating monthly?

You’d realise if you did that:

Oh no - you can’t believe everything you read!Unsurprisingly, you were all so eager to believe in Emma you missed out on the subliminal messages in her pieces but do go back and read what the first letter of every sentence spells out won’t you, (or if you can’t be arsed)

Feminism is great

You are all a bunch of wankers

Do you really believe this shitAll the lazy dykes they pity how you live
and remember this next time you’re all salivating about some Auntie Thomasina, ‘anti feminist woman’, She might not be real – in fact she could even be a MAN! (ok I’m quite bored with spelling things out by now).

So my modest proposal is - why not get a life!

Emma anti feminist fraud has left the building but remember - being a prick is nothing but a choice!

Source: http://emma-antifeministwoman.blogspot.com/

Under "comments" FS said:

Lmao, you thick femcunts. You haven't achieved anything. Anyone can open up a blog, and parrot things said by other people and fool them in to thinking they're on their side.

03 April 2007 13:27

Source: https://www2.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=3119608770156051598&postID=4065125594900007454


Interesting you should say that FS as that is what you are doing to the real MRA's but I'm not going to let it happen,in fact I will stop you and ACLAF.

If you notice in Emma's comments section you will notice that the feminists congradulate Emma on pulling this off and a lot of those comments are dated after April 1st so I don't believe this is a joke but feminists ripping off the human facade they wear and revealing the foul creatures they truly are.

I left a "thank you" note in her comments section and here it is:

Thank you,Emma. Thank you for showing your fangs and proving what I said about women in the men's movement is a disaster. Thank you for making me look not only good but right on. Thank you for adding clout to what I said and most of all,thank you for fucking up and shooting yourself in the foot. If you have no idea who I am just ask Feminist Scum.

07 April 2007 02:49

Of course FS weighs in with:

For the people who want to know who he is, Masc Man is a dip shit who hates women. (I don't hate women, I only hate femcunts) If femcunts want to go after someone, go after this guy. He is a psychopath, and someone we should all hate.Oh, and Masc Man, I looked at your blog. You claim you will stop me and CLAF, LMAO. There's fuck all you can do, you little worm. Oh, and isn't it a bit quiet over on your blog? Haha. You silly psychopathic weirdo, Masc Man.

07 April 2007 02:58

Thank you,FS. You just said you would join forces with an admitted misandric feminist (and her sistern) to go after a genuine MRA and you ask us to trust you. I hope this opens everybody's eyes as to whom FS and ACLAF actually are and what they genuinely stand for.

Even his own friends see the truth..but not him

From FS's comments section: (other's comments in italics)

anonymous said:

I your blog and agree with much you say but I think you got owned here;

FS kisses up to woman

Can you explain this?

01 April 2007 20:48

Anonymous,you called that one just right and as my British brothers would say,"spot on". Yes,I own FS I own him royally. Royalfuckingly.

Of course FS,being in denial,said:

FS said;

Let me elaborate more. I'm not even sure what he's crying about.

I presume Masc Man is crying about the way I explained myself further? Or the way he says I grovelled at her feet first, then defended Fred?

Weird. The first post in that thread was of me defending Fred first, then it was me debating with TBQ.

Masc Man, if you're reading this:


You're also a hypocritical little prick, Masc Man. You always slam me, and then you always say you have no problems with Fred. Well considering Fred feels the same way about female anti feminists as I do, that makes you retarded.

Go on, make another post about me you little cunt.

02 April 2007 01:53

Source: FS's comments section

So let's break this down:

Let me elaborate more. I'm not even sure what he's crying about.

I've pointed out how you grovelled at Bisquit Queen's feet like you do other women and I've provided a link for anyone who wanted to view it from the source. I posted what you said,dude and changed nothing. If this is a problem you shouldn't have written that post to begin with.

I presume Masc Man is crying about the way I explained myself further? Or the way he says I grovelled at her feet first, then defended Fred?

Crying? No. But you did grovel at her feet as you can't deny that.

Weird. The first post in that thread was of me defending Fred first, then it was me debating with TBQ.

Debate? I don't call grovelling at someone's feet "debating". I call it "debasing".

Masc Man, if you're reading this:

You can count on that happening now can't you,McMoron.

You're also a hypocritical little prick, Masc Man. You always slam me, and then you always say you have no problems with Fred. Well considering Fred feels the same way about female anti feminists as I do, that makes you retarded.

I disagree with Fred on female inclusion as well but there is a difference between you and Fred. Fred let what that guy had said alone,you and ACLAF are the ones who made a big deal out of it and you're the one who slammed the guy on your blog thereby trying to make an example out of him. Unless you gave him moderator status on your board you are the one to post his post on your blog and you are the one to highlight it. I believe Emma should have taught you not to trust women (looks like I was right,now doesn't it. But that is for another post) as there is no such thing as an female MRA. If you can't learn from this mistake then you are truly stupid.


Have you seen my hit counter? I've only had it up there for 5 days and I'm already at the 700 mark and that is the 700 that I know of,there is no telling how many were on my blog prior to me installing the counter.

Go on, make another post about me you little cunt.

You mean like this one? Oh,for the record,I'm not a "little cunt" since I don't have that equipment. It would be more correct for you to call me a "big dick" since that would be more appropriate.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

FS kisses up to a woman

Fred is taking on the biscuit queen on his forum. I'm not surprised as she showed her true colors to me years ago and I've heard about Dr.Evil at SYG and Fred confirmed what a mangina Dr.Evil truly is. Fred took her on and whipped her ass that is why the mangina Dr.Evil stepped in and closed the thread.

But what about FS? What did he do?

He bowed and sniveled at her feet basically.

Check out what I mean: (Femskank-scum is FS)



Posts: 3

Re: Youtube Mangina
« Reply #12 on: March 31, 2007, 10:52:30 AM »

Biscuit Queen, when I said feminists have helped make this World worse, I only meant in regards to domestic abuse laws, and other things which affect men.

As for femcunts using radicals as proof our movement is defective, yes they could. But Fred is not a radical. The only part of him which could be considered radical is the way he insults femcunts and manginas, his message certainly is NOT. That is how you judge radical feminists.

By their message. If you want a radical MRA, look no further than Masculist Man.
I agree when you say it would be a shame if we turned in to something just as bad as the feminists, but the likes of me, AND Fred have spoken up against people who hate on others unfairly.

You say Fred showed the boy nothing, well that's a load of nonsense right there. Fred clearly showed him how he was wrong, AND proved it. The guy, Hazmat, just refused to accept it. I'm stunned at your claims that Fred proved Hazmat's points. I really really am. Fred pretty much destroyed any points Hazmat had, and then he just resorted to making comments which had nothing to do with anything because he had no come backs.

Source: http://standyourground.com/forums/index.php?topic=12793.0

First this guy grovels at her feet then he defends Fred. Do you see why I don't trust these two now? They're all over the place.

They,like a lot of people,think feminism is a legitimate movement which it is not but I'll cover that in another post.

Hmmm,first Sue fucks up then Julie now Biscuit Queen. Does anybody else notice a pattern here? Does anyone else think I may be right about women in the movement after all?