Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't think I forgot about AFN

my two cennes on the arrogant ones If there is a thing which I do not include/understand, this is why certain people are imbeciles and arrogant. It seems that to be a woman who speaks, is not always welcome by certain men. It is quite true that the majority of the men members of the MRA are quite happy to have women in their circle, whereas others are so arrogant, that they put to you in full face the fact that they do not love the women, that him or them, contrary in the majority of the men were not made take in a marriage missed with a egocentric and extravagant woman, and that towards the age from 50 to 60 years, they are always alone, with a money mountain. Such a behavior is not only innacceptable towards the women, but also towards the men. It is the kind of arrogant man, who finally, is as d├ętrimental at the company and the movement of the men as the feminists. What can that well to me foutre that such a man is always unmarried, in around fifty? That does not prove absolutely anything the whole, nada. It is what the goal? to return to me jealous of its money? I grate myself about it royally of his dough, as long as with me Ben there it foutre in the bottom can. My only goal is to promote the human right and to stop the feminism. I have anything with foutre of it similar idiots.


This posting was in French.(sarcasm) Oh,what a big brave woman,insulting me in a language I don't understand.Quick,let's give her full equality,build a statue to her and put her on the same status as the men who did the minor little things like go to war or risk life or limb to help others.(/sarcasm) This is a big reason I don't respect women. They act big and tough to those who are weaker than them or those who won't fight back. However for those of us who will fight back they high tail it and run. Women demand respect but do nothing to earn it,no they expect it on a silver platter,just as they are used to. It's time to change that.

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