Sunday, April 1, 2007

FS kisses up to a woman

Fred is taking on the biscuit queen on his forum. I'm not surprised as she showed her true colors to me years ago and I've heard about Dr.Evil at SYG and Fred confirmed what a mangina Dr.Evil truly is. Fred took her on and whipped her ass that is why the mangina Dr.Evil stepped in and closed the thread.

But what about FS? What did he do?

He bowed and sniveled at her feet basically.

Check out what I mean: (Femskank-scum is FS)



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Re: Youtube Mangina
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Biscuit Queen, when I said feminists have helped make this World worse, I only meant in regards to domestic abuse laws, and other things which affect men.

As for femcunts using radicals as proof our movement is defective, yes they could. But Fred is not a radical. The only part of him which could be considered radical is the way he insults femcunts and manginas, his message certainly is NOT. That is how you judge radical feminists.

By their message. If you want a radical MRA, look no further than Masculist Man.
I agree when you say it would be a shame if we turned in to something just as bad as the feminists, but the likes of me, AND Fred have spoken up against people who hate on others unfairly.

You say Fred showed the boy nothing, well that's a load of nonsense right there. Fred clearly showed him how he was wrong, AND proved it. The guy, Hazmat, just refused to accept it. I'm stunned at your claims that Fred proved Hazmat's points. I really really am. Fred pretty much destroyed any points Hazmat had, and then he just resorted to making comments which had nothing to do with anything because he had no come backs.


First this guy grovels at her feet then he defends Fred. Do you see why I don't trust these two now? They're all over the place.

They,like a lot of people,think feminism is a legitimate movement which it is not but I'll cover that in another post.

Hmmm,first Sue fucks up then Julie now Biscuit Queen. Does anybody else notice a pattern here? Does anyone else think I may be right about women in the movement after all?

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