Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Julie helping me prove my case?

It would certainly seem so as I offer the following: (Julie's comments in italics)

First Julie says (there was some mix up and I believe she meant to aim this at ACLAF and FS):

I was shocked at the anti when I started to get involved but I understand where they come from. Have you any idea how much these feminists want men dead? How they want to eradicate men completely from existence? Are you aware there was a gender war back in the 80's? And no women stood by the men? (Maybe a few but not enough) Are you aware that some of these men were raped from these feminists because of their stand and are you aware how these feminists rape? Worse than men. They may have killed some men, I don't know but I wouldn't put it past them. They will do anything to KILL you because you are X. You are a deformed Y to them.

Yes,I agree that feminism is out to get men.

Then the contridictions starts:

Are you aware of the amount of women who walk out one door while their husbands walk out the other door when their plane hits land outside of the Eastern countries. You can't tell me that these women prefer to be hidden behind cloth and holding their men as their God like creatures.

I told her that women world wide fare better than men world wide do.

Other countries also have it but in different ways. Thailand women cause problems for men (just ask your embassy)because men cannot own homes if they are not from that country. They may own 49% while their new wife (who is supposed to be better than western women LOL) owns 51%. Then as the niave man's back is turned, she sells the house and is gone.
These women are trained and have been for centuries to get the better of men.

I pointed out how I would like to exterminate feminists.

To which:

I liked your comment till you said you hate feminists.
I must be a feminist as the mothers who started this were. They really mean't well. Honest. They are upset now that things have become what they are. They were the good women and so are the real victims.

She also said I should back off feminists. Well,Julie that is not going to happen.

Ah,the mask of the female anti-feminist starts to rip and we find out she is not so "anti" anymore. Feminism is an misandric system out to exterminate men and only 3 people have whitewashed it so far: ACLAF,FS and now Julie.

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