Monday, March 12, 2007

Just what has the old guard accomplished?

One of the them being lobbying Florida to change the false accusation of rape laws from misdemeanors to felonies. I read this in the Liberator a few years ago,sorry no link.

The NFL's Mike Ditka brought up prostate cancer awareness in the NFL.

Masculist lobbying has lead to:

Scientists Discover Way To Block Growth Of Prostate Cancer CellsScientists have discovered for the first time a specific biochemical pathway by which the sex hormone, androgen, increases levels of harmful chemicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the prostate gland that play a role in the development of prostate cancer.

Oct 24, 2006 8:56 pm US/Eastern

Judge Rules 9-Year-Old Will Not Have Circumcision(AP) CHICAGO A judge in a case closely watched by those who oppose circumcision sided Tuesday with a divorced man who did not want his 9-year-old son to undergo the procedure. Circuit Judge Jordan Kaplan said that circumcision is "an extraordinary medical procedure" for a 9-year-old and that the boy can decide for himself when he turns 18.

Tamihere still in favour with votersApr 18, 2005


He might have upset most of his parliamentary colleagues, but John Tamihere has struck a chord with voters.A ONE News Colmar Brunton poll shows his claims that men are ignored and political correctness has taken over have widespread support.,1515.0.html

Male-Bashing at Mother Merrill?By Kevin BurkeSep 8, 2006 1:50 PM

Merrill’s sex-discrimination troubles just won’t go away. But this time it isn’t a woman raising a stink. Blas Catalani, a former sales manager at Merrill Lynch’s San Antonio office, is suing a female ex-broker and her lawyer on grounds that the two women conspired to get him fired.Catalani filed a complaint in a Bexar County, Texas, district court against former Merrill rep Hydie Sumner and her attorney Linda Friedman for allegedly trashing his reputation to upper management in an effort to break his contract so that Sumner could take his job. Catalani is seeking $8 million in damages and forfeited pay. On Aug. 29, Catalani also filed a discrimination complaint against Merrill with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that the company dismissed him based on his gender.

Flatley Hopes to Become 'Lord of the Courtroom'The Associated PressFriday, July 28, 2006; 11:20 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Michael Flatley has won a court ruling that allows him to sue a woman who claimed he had raped her.The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Flatley's $100 million extortion and defamation lawsuit against Tyna Marie Robertson can proceed to trial.

U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Arousal Test for Sex OffenderBy Tanya Caldwell, Times Staff WriterJune 21, 2006

A periodic test that measures a man's response to erotic images is "Orwellian" because it examines his mind, not just his body, and should not be used because it deprives him of more freedom than necessary, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.In order to be released from prison, U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson had ruled in 2001, Matthew Weber would have to subject himself to tests in which a pressure-sensitive electronic device is placed around the penis and the response to stimulating images is monitored, said his lawyer, Jonathan Libby.

Judge rules SR women's fitness club must open to menBody Central found in violation of state's anti-bias law after Santa Rosa man's complaintBy STEVE HARTTHE PRESS DEMOCRATIn a case that could have repercussions for single-sex fitness clubs, a Sonoma County judge has ordered a Santa Rosa women's health club to open its doors to men.Judge Knoel Owen said Body Central must provide showers and lockers for men and stop advertising itself as a women-only health club.

The New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men.

To name just a few.


julie said...

You should be ashamed of yourself attacking an MRA member just because he doesn't trust women.

I was shocked at the anti when I started to get involved but I understand where they come from. Have you any idea how much these feminists want men dead? How they want to eradicate men completely from existence? Are you aware there was a gender war back in the 80's? And no women stood by the men? (Maybe a few but not enough) Are you aware that some of these men were raped from these feminists because of their stand and are you aware how these feminists rape? Worse than men. They may have killed some men, I don't know but I wouldn't put it past them. They will do anything to KILL you because you are X. You are a deformed Y to them.

I am all for women having to prove themselves more than nice words. That is only right. We have to make sure we never do this again, ever. Think about the amount of men that commit suicide and then tell me men should trust women's nice words.

I AM responsible as a women for what womankind did. I really want equality and that makes me a feminist. Not a radical feminist but I will stand with a rifle in my hand next to my brothers at war. That is what equality is. It is not, "I want to be treated equal in some things and not others"

You have to take the good with the bad. But if my sisters, with me, decide that we don't want to go to war (hoepfully) then we need to step down and appreciate men as in a traditional role. There is no other way to sort this out. There is no 'NICE, KIND' way to sort this out and save men. Men say they have seen it over and over again, that women will stand by them when the going is good but retract when the going is bad. Why do you question their knowledge. (I get the same slack that I am giving you as you also must prove yourself)

What do you do besides a blog that is out of your comfort zone? Have you risked your own good name and wealth for this movement? If you say "NO" to these questions then you have no right to judge.

And I am not angry at any man who is angry at way women behave in general. I myself am embarrassed that my sisters are letting down our side.

Masculist Man said...


I'm the one who distrusts women,not ACLAF or FS,they are the ones to openly trust women so I would say we are in agreement.

Julie I am very aware of feminist hatred for men and I along with other MRA's expose it and challenge it.

I believe I may have made some grammatorial errors and misled you about my position. I have cleaned it up with "person A said" at the beginning and the timestamp and/or links at the end,I am using these as quotation marks to quote the person I'm going to comment on.

Now that I've cleared it up I hope it is more comprehensive reading for everyone.

julie said...

Gosh, I am sooooo, soooooo sorry. I guess my comment was mean't for others. I hope they read it.

I am glad you worked it out but you should not have been attacked by a mob that way. I read earlier today some of the comments on your earlier post. I guess, I jumped to conclusion.

Once again sorry.

julie said...

I thought i should explain myself before anyone jumps to a conclusion with my comment 1.

I thought this site was made solely to destroy another MRA member. The thought seemed very low to me and could do real damage to the victim especially if they were going through issues with the FC or something similar.

I am all for women supporting men's rights.

Masculist Man said...


You can have my foxhole as that is no problem.

julie said...

Ah, yes. You have confronted me well. touchee.

What can I say. Hmmm, let's see.

This anit feminist and feminsit and more is fascinating on the net. But we are not all made for it. I for one am better on the ground with face to face. Not word to word. But it has been fun. You take the high road and I will take the low road. Many paths to the top of the mountain. IMO. If you ever want to meet the radical feminists face to face I suggest you visit the abortion clinics first. But be a fox for they have high security and gun proof glass. LOL

Netball season hs started again so I will be busy keeping fit and practicing. Maybe I will drop in sometime in the future. Keep up the good work LION.

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