Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pass on the advice

I don't take advice from clowns named "Percy",especially when they contain this crap:

Some in the MRM though have grown up under the 'new matriarchy', educated from the cradle through a school life by women and are very angry and full of the 'feeling' they have been taught is their 'right' to express. Some of these are crude, rude and frankly uneducated - a result of that almost wholly female dominated education system, so replete as it is with 'empathy' and 'superior communication'.

The older, wiser members of the MRM are usually quick to denounce hatred whenever these boys get out of hand.

Now, Robin, you seem to me to be a bright woman. I have seen reference to some positive things that you have written. Use that mind of yours to tackle the real problem.


The thing that gets me is that these asshats still want to play nice with feminists. These guys are not all there because if they were they'd know the old moderate methods don't work anymore.

I've even addressed this on Why the militancy.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Robin Steele approves of Chris Key

Friday, December 14, 2007

Robin Steele Apologizes to Chris Key

Shortly after I stumbled into the often moronic blogging and forum world of supposed Men's Rights Activists (during my search for a Men's Rights Movement that showed some hope of Movement), I wrote the following post on Chris Key, host of the Men's Rights Online forum:

Chris Key, Hate Speech and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of MRAs

I reacted to his "Avatar" which was an illustration of Uncle Sam with the words "We need YOU to kick a feminist IN THE C*NT". That was actually offensive to me. After kicking around their blogs that stop at nothing to get some kind of a reaction, it seems pretty mild about now.

Anyway, after visiting his forum for a while now, I've developed a measure of respect for Chris Key for a few reasons.

The first reason Chris Key deserves respect is that he brought in a woman called ElfPrincess to represent an alternative viewpoint. In fact, he made her a moderator. ElfPrincess is impressive: Tough, smart & she holds her ground. She's got a higher tolerance level for morons than I do. Frankly, I don't know how or why she's put up with the kind of bullshit she has. Maybe she owes Chris money.

The second reason Chris Key deserves respect is that he backed her up. It would be easy to strand her or be middle of the road when all his cronies are ganging up on this articulate and unyielding debater, but he didn't.

The third, and my favorite, reason for respecting Chris Key is that he banished Masculist Man to Troll Town(!). As a fallen citizen with troll status, he can no longer sit at the adult table, and must now sit at the rickety card table with his rubber sword and eat humble MasciePie all alone. How great is that? Perhaps others will realize what I've been saying: the most dangerous enemies of any men's rights movement are the haters, the posers, the bitter misogynists who do not, truly, put their efforts in creating change or advancing understanding or dialogue.

So, Chris, I apologize. While I still think you should find a new avatar for 2008, I think you have conviction and are truly searching for the truth, and are truly advocating change. I was wrong to attack you.

I also apologize for any damage to your reputation caused by my positive comments.

Posted by Robin Steele at 1:10 PM


Source: here

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chris Key;traitor to the men's movement

I was debating Chris Key on his site and he asked me to substantiate what I had written I did so but when I asked for the same he banned me from the area we were debating. A feminist poster by the handle "elfprincess" is a new addition to the board and she has bragged that she can manipulate men without their noticing. I told her it wouldn't work on me but apparently it did on Chris because now he is acting like a bully on his board. He says he debates logically but in practice that is far from the case for I just asked simple questions about the source he is using and boom,I am put in the troll forum,which is a step before a full ban. Also Elprincess has threatened not only myself with physical harm but another masculist poster as well. Check here and here. Key has stated that he has "tolerated" my presence on his blog for 2 years yet he once sent me this complementing me on an article I had written:

Chris Key
The Owner of Men's Rights Online
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Good article
« Sent to: Masculist Man on: July 20, 2006, 10:53:09 AM »


The article you wrote about feminism is very well written, and it could be used as a resource to expose feminism.

Unfortunately, the grammatical errors were too frequent, which would allow the feminists to attack the credibility of the author. You're a wonderful Anti-Feminist and a valued member of this forum, and I would like to see you become a well-known Anti-Feminist Author, as you're an intelligent and trustworthy man, however you will need to improve the grammatical structure of your writings.

It was only a couple of years ago that my writing was inundated with grammatical errors, and even today I make the odd linguistic mistake, however I believe it is rather easy - and rewarding - to develop a sound knowledge of the English language.

Try not to use words such as "got" and "gotten", as they possess a slang connotation.

For example:

"He has gotten over it"

Would sounds far less coherent than.

"He has surpassed the challenge."
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Men's Rights Activist,
Chris Key,

"This privilege conferred on women arises in an extraordinary number of cases, for the express letter of the law discriminates in the sharpest possible manner between men and women in the matter of legal right and duty, of civil law advantage and criminal law exemption." - Belfort Bax

Now this isn't the first time Chris has done this. There was another time that a feminist poster showed up there by the handle "school project" and manipulated Key into deleting an avatar I had (it was in response to another poster defacing my Marc Lepine avatar) all because she couldn't debate me so she goes crying to Key to remove my avatar,yet he claims to be anti-feminist. A lot of other posters on Key's forum have also exposed elfprincess as a feminist but Key fails to understand. Key has stated that a lot of "anti-feminists?" do not like the use of the word "cunt" and they think I am wrong but I don't see that on his forum and he wasn't talking about his forum either. Guess what,he was talking about the crowd at Stand Your Ground. Wait a minute,didn't Fred X help prove that SYG is mostly feminists and manginas? Yes he did and Key is depending on SYG when it has been shown that Dr.Evil is the biggest mangina there. It just goes to show that mens rights net and SYG have one thing in common and that is they are both ran by mangina bullies.