Saturday, December 15, 2007

Robin Steele approves of Chris Key

Friday, December 14, 2007

Robin Steele Apologizes to Chris Key

Shortly after I stumbled into the often moronic blogging and forum world of supposed Men's Rights Activists (during my search for a Men's Rights Movement that showed some hope of Movement), I wrote the following post on Chris Key, host of the Men's Rights Online forum:

Chris Key, Hate Speech and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of MRAs

I reacted to his "Avatar" which was an illustration of Uncle Sam with the words "We need YOU to kick a feminist IN THE C*NT". That was actually offensive to me. After kicking around their blogs that stop at nothing to get some kind of a reaction, it seems pretty mild about now.

Anyway, after visiting his forum for a while now, I've developed a measure of respect for Chris Key for a few reasons.

The first reason Chris Key deserves respect is that he brought in a woman called ElfPrincess to represent an alternative viewpoint. In fact, he made her a moderator. ElfPrincess is impressive: Tough, smart & she holds her ground. She's got a higher tolerance level for morons than I do. Frankly, I don't know how or why she's put up with the kind of bullshit she has. Maybe she owes Chris money.

The second reason Chris Key deserves respect is that he backed her up. It would be easy to strand her or be middle of the road when all his cronies are ganging up on this articulate and unyielding debater, but he didn't.

The third, and my favorite, reason for respecting Chris Key is that he banished Masculist Man to Troll Town(!). As a fallen citizen with troll status, he can no longer sit at the adult table, and must now sit at the rickety card table with his rubber sword and eat humble MasciePie all alone. How great is that? Perhaps others will realize what I've been saying: the most dangerous enemies of any men's rights movement are the haters, the posers, the bitter misogynists who do not, truly, put their efforts in creating change or advancing understanding or dialogue.

So, Chris, I apologize. While I still think you should find a new avatar for 2008, I think you have conviction and are truly searching for the truth, and are truly advocating change. I was wrong to attack you.

I also apologize for any damage to your reputation caused by my positive comments.

Posted by Robin Steele at 1:10 PM


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Anonymous said...

We need FredX back. You need to appeal to him publically, and you need to do the same with Duncan Idaho and Angry Harry. Those 3 were real men, the backbone of the online mrm and true advocates of freedom and justice. I've emailed all 3 (about 1.5 years ago now) and all 3 responded to me and told me that mens rights is the biggest social problem we have to face in the 21st century and that we should never be ashamed to stand up to feminists and manginas. What chris did to you was cowardly and he has become another SYG dr. evil mangina. masc, I cant join your pro board because i have to stay anon at my university, can you make it open viewing?? or can you make another forum that is open viewing??

Anonymous said...

btw i also emailed fred 4 wks before he left this summer and i asked him what he thought of freedom of speech and he told me that any mra who suppressed it was a coward. where are the real men these days? seems to me we have a lot of manginas like chris key and dr evil when we need more real men like Fred and AH.

Masculist Man said...


I closed off the forum to open viewing because of assholes posting crap on it but I will make it open viewing for you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for responding masc. can you paste the link so i can see your forum here?? i can't find it anywhere else.

what do you think about the other points i raised?? btw i know Fred and Duncan have linked to your blog in the past so dont worry about chris key not being loyal to you as he is an asshat.

chris has stabbed you in the back and i used to respect him but he has gone way down for me, i wont even be signing up to his forum now, thank you for exposing him as a traitor to men and a pussy whipped mangina to boot. I am pretty angry about this and I even commented at Bob Allens blog demanding he say something in your defence. Masc, believe me, you are respected by your readership, as well as significant bloggers such as Fred and Duncan, and to another extent, Luke, who I know (and I have even read what they have said) have a lot of respect for you.

dont feel down about chris, he was never in the same league as the real men either.

Anonymous said...

Masc, I love your forum, it is greatness! Please leave it public so me and my room mate can read it together (we hate feminazis). i should be able to join soon but i cant risk the university finding out because they are pro feminist and anti freedom of speech there. YOU ARE OUR HERO Masc i will be telling a few of my other friends too, as I know some of them have been given poor grades because they didnt want to write about women pretend oppression that they never endured but they pretend that they did.

Randall Shake said...

Feminism is about waging a Gender War against Men and Children. Open your eyes to the reality of the Damage being done by Feminism to the Family, marriage, and Society.

Feminism is about promoting Women's Entitlements above everyone else. It is not about equality. How can Women have Minority Status when they are the Majority of Voters? Live Longer than Men? Have the majority of Consumer Dollars spent on them? Have the Majority of Retail Floor Space 85% devoted exclusively to them? When Men are 94% of those who die on the job.

When Health Care Dollars for Breast Cancer is four times what is spent on Prostate Cancer. How can you say that Women are oppressed? Its utter nonsense.

Quality of Life, Longevity (the ultimate entitlement),retirement dollars, who inherits the money. And now in the US 60% of College Grads are Women. Get a clue.