Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chris Key;traitor to the men's movement

I was debating Chris Key on his site and he asked me to substantiate what I had written I did so but when I asked for the same he banned me from the area we were debating. A feminist poster by the handle "elfprincess" is a new addition to the board and she has bragged that she can manipulate men without their noticing. I told her it wouldn't work on me but apparently it did on Chris because now he is acting like a bully on his board. He says he debates logically but in practice that is far from the case for I just asked simple questions about the source he is using and boom,I am put in the troll forum,which is a step before a full ban. Also Elprincess has threatened not only myself with physical harm but another masculist poster as well. Check here and here. Key has stated that he has "tolerated" my presence on his blog for 2 years yet he once sent me this complementing me on an article I had written:

Chris Key
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Good article
« Sent to: Masculist Man on: July 20, 2006, 10:53:09 AM »


The article you wrote about feminism is very well written, and it could be used as a resource to expose feminism.

Unfortunately, the grammatical errors were too frequent, which would allow the feminists to attack the credibility of the author. You're a wonderful Anti-Feminist and a valued member of this forum, and I would like to see you become a well-known Anti-Feminist Author, as you're an intelligent and trustworthy man, however you will need to improve the grammatical structure of your writings.

It was only a couple of years ago that my writing was inundated with grammatical errors, and even today I make the odd linguistic mistake, however I believe it is rather easy - and rewarding - to develop a sound knowledge of the English language.

Try not to use words such as "got" and "gotten", as they possess a slang connotation.

For example:

"He has gotten over it"

Would sounds far less coherent than.

"He has surpassed the challenge."
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Men's Rights Activist,
Chris Key,

"This privilege conferred on women arises in an extraordinary number of cases, for the express letter of the law discriminates in the sharpest possible manner between men and women in the matter of legal right and duty, of civil law advantage and criminal law exemption." - Belfort Bax

Now this isn't the first time Chris has done this. There was another time that a feminist poster showed up there by the handle "school project" and manipulated Key into deleting an avatar I had (it was in response to another poster defacing my Marc Lepine avatar) all because she couldn't debate me so she goes crying to Key to remove my avatar,yet he claims to be anti-feminist. A lot of other posters on Key's forum have also exposed elfprincess as a feminist but Key fails to understand. Key has stated that a lot of "anti-feminists?" do not like the use of the word "cunt" and they think I am wrong but I don't see that on his forum and he wasn't talking about his forum either. Guess what,he was talking about the crowd at Stand Your Ground. Wait a minute,didn't Fred X help prove that SYG is mostly feminists and manginas? Yes he did and Key is depending on SYG when it has been shown that Dr.Evil is the biggest mangina there. It just goes to show that mens rights net and SYG have one thing in common and that is they are both ran by mangina bullies.


Anonymous said...

I've also been placed in troll ville and my second account can't seem to login either. I remember back when I was on nice-guys forum (man coat) Chris Key was against me because I was opposed to women being able to vote and saying that Men should rape their wives (have sex with them whenever they wish). Everyone at mancoat called me a psyco (and still do to this day) after they banned me. They failed at banning me untill they shut down their forum to all new users and it has been shut to new users ever since. After awhile they banned Chris Key too and call him a psyco now aswell.

Chris needs to stop caring about logic battles and winning debates. Those things don't win wars. They're just mental masturbation.


Masculist Man said...

Rainman is an arrogant cunt and he sounds sheltered too. He's just some fucking asshole who thinks his shit doesn't stink. He plays the victim too as he didn't want to cut his hair for school and he cries about that but If someone else has a beef then he has a fuck you attitude toward that person. He could have cut his hair and continued his schooling but no he has to make a major issue about it.
Also take into consideration that he banned me mid-debate is a true sign of his arrogance.

TimberWolf said...

Hey Masculist Man. I know we've been at each other's throats in the past. I'm not trying to start that up again.

What the hell happened?

I had always thought that, even if I butted heads with you and Chris Key, at the very least you two were fakers. I make no secret that I disagree with some of your ideas, but I don't think I could convincingly argue that you're a fake, never mind the fact that I don't believe it myself. But what could cause Chris Key to start pandering like THIS? Even the feminist-in-MRA clothing Robin Steele has sided with him!

TimberWolf said...

Ah fuck. That was supposed to say, "were not fakers." Sorry.

Masculist Man said...


He shows a pattern of pandering to women. First with school project and now elfprincess. He's the type to get us "peace in our time" by thiking he can intellectually win against feminists who have steamrolled over our rights. Feminists can't be reasoned with feminists must be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Masc, FredX coined the term ''femcunt'' and it has been used by many mras since his absence. He was a real man and fighter for justice, and if he was here I would bet all my cash that he'd fight for your rights and stand up to chris the mangina key. Cunt is a brilliant word and even though Fred swore a lot, he always had a good point to make, and he earned himself the status that only angry harry and duncan idaho could rival. real men like Fred are rare and i believe if it wasn't for the fact he is depressed right now that he would be back and sticking up for mens rights. What do you think masc?

Anonymous said...

The coward chris key has blocked the thread masc!!! Can Bob Allen or another member over there log in and get it to us and paste it here in comments so we can see what happened???

Masculist Man said...

What do you think masc?

I think you're right.

Masculist Man said...

The coward chris key has blocked the thread masc!!! Can Bob Allen or another member over there log in and get it to us and paste it here in comments so we can see what happened???

"Coward" is an excellent word since it describes him to a "T". If Bob is reading this or if Luke is maybe they can do so. As for myself I just resigned from there but the last I looked the conversation deviated from its original subject.

Anonymous said...

Well whatever happens you are a real mra masc (very rare to see a real mra), you are not extreme like mikee but you are no mangina either. but lets not be too hard on mikee as at least he is honest unlike these manginas like chris who betrayed you and sided with a feminazi. that is the ultimate betrayal and that coward chris even snubbed you on that forum and wouldnt address you in trollsville. how vindictive since you were a loyal poster there and you have been stabbed in the back by him. at least you are worth 100 chris keys masc and DONT YOU FORGET IT,

Randall Shake said...

Feminism is about waging a Gender War against Men and Children. Open your eyes to the reality of the Damage being done by Feminism to the Family, marriage, and Society.

Feminism is about promoting Women's Entitlements above everyone else. It is not about equality. How can Women have Minority Status when they are the Majority of Voters? Live Longer than Men? Have the majority of Consumer Dollars spent on them? Have the Majority of Retail Floor Space 85% devoted exclusively to them? When Men are 94% of those who die on the job.

When Health Care Dollars for Breast Cancer is four times what is spent on Prostate Cancer. How can you say that Women are oppressed? Its utter nonsense.

Quality of Life, Longevity (the ultimate entitlement),retirement dollars, who inherits the money. And now in the US 60% of College Grads are Women. Get a clue.