Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moron has his thumb up his ass

This from FS's blog,over the link to this site:

Masculist Man is a cunt who is obsessed with me, and wants my children

This truly made me LMAO as I read it. Just like ACLAF,this moron is totally off.

Thanks to Veteran for weighing in on FS's blog and no,I'm not Veteran.

Here's what I mean:

Veteran said:

You are a weak yellow belly if ever I saw one. You first try to imitate the likes of Fred X and Duncan Idaho by using profanity, yet at the same time you behave like a chivalrous mangina whipping-boy. Well done, you may have got the respect of a few MRA's (which you don't deserve) through a couple of things you've written where you do slam women. Then you go and ruin it by siding with the enemy and making shitty posts defending women and attacking mras. You write in pink (which is peculiar) and you obviously don't understand issues relating to gender at all. Go away you lilly livered doormat.

14 March 2007 07:11

feminist scum said:

You are a complete idiot aren't you? I don't need to "imitate" anyone. And no, I haven't acted once chivalrous on my blog at all.

I defended women who are on our side, and attacked twats, just like I'm attacking you now. Twat.

Are you so damn retarded you can't see that??

14 March 2007 07:19

Veteran said:

...But he (FS) seems kind of ''weak'' to me all the same, and he's even putting female antifeminists on a higher level on his blog links. I still think him using pink says more about him than anything, and I am uncertain if this man will bring much to the mra movement.

16 March 2007 14:01


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