Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mr. Arrogant and his ego-once again

A Canadian Liberal Against Feminism said:

Lee - Thanks for the vote of support, I really do appreciate it. I honestly could care less if I'm the only one who calls for some degree of tolerance, but a little support goes a long way. Ruth - Well, if he wanted to belong, he could develop manners which were more befitting a human being. It's all really rather childish isn't it? I give it a few weeks. Once he realizes that I'm not actually going to feed his ego by granting him what he desires, and ignore him, he'll probably shut up and go away, which incidentally, is probably what he should have done in the first place. I also know that he's reading this, and posting nearly everything said on his aforementioned forum. I think it might be fun to try to make him guess where I want him to jump next. I'm certainly not going to waste much more time on what is so clearly a child trapped in a man's body.

March 11, 2007 5:37 AM

I'm just supposed to shut up and go away,is that it? I wouldn't be much of an MRA if I did that now would I? I noticed he didn't post my response to a previous post. Hmmm,now he has to engage in censorship to avoid me. It seems that just like every other liberal they believe in free speech-for themselves only and if you notice IT IS WOMEN PRAISING HIM FOR WHAT HE DID. Aren't these the actions of a mangina? I believe we all know the answer is "yes".

Now as far as when I "jump" next is easy: I will "jump" to his board,get the evidence that shows what an utter mangina he truly is and "jump" back here and post it for the world to see. So I don't think he really wants me to "jump",because if I do he won't like it.

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Chris Key said...

lee Said: Actually, a blog is just another piece of webspace, and anyone can do with it as they see fit. You can even take the dates and such off and avoid the diarylike look to it. You can compile archives of your choice as well as other features which are identical to websites.

Chris Key Says: I see you have failed to provide any evidence to validate your sceptical claim that blogs can accommodate other features that are identical to websites. In case you haven't noticed, I was one of the original bloggers on Man Power back in 2004. Manpower was a highly successful blog, and received contributions from Darren Blacksmith -- he was the founder of it -- Zenpriest, Kevin Biomech, Jessy (moderator on SYG), Maus and many other prominent MRA's, so I know what can and cannot be used on blogs.

lee Said: And you haven't read around a large base of men's blogs because when I asked you about the other 2 you didnt even respond.

Chris Key Says: The logical soundness of your reasoning is quite poor, as you do not even bother trying to show a link between your premisses and your conclusions. Instead, you use speculation to form the conclusions that will support your inane agenda. For example, let's look at the following drivel you published:

lee Said: And you should really work on the structure and design on the site and forum YOU made because they SUCK.

Chris Key Says: Whether or not you think the design of my forum "sucks" is irrelevant, as it's merely your subjective opinion (IE. a value judgement). Your failure to explain why you think the design "sucks" is quite telling, as it suggests you're an immature simpleton with poor reasoning skills.

Since you brought up the subject of web design, let's compare my site to ACLAF's "blog". For a start, the graphics on my site were personally made by me -- I have been complimented by others who like the design -- while ACLAF's blog doesn't have any graphics within it's layout. All ACLAF's layout contains is a basic title, a row down the left, and a row down the right. ACLAF's blog does not contain an ordered navigation system. The majority of links within ACLAF's navigation system links to OTHER blogs, meaning there is very little content on his blog/site or whatever it is he likes to call it.

While I use CSS within my layout to ensure the retrospective size of the text remains constant on all screen resolutions, ACLAF has chosen to use basic HTML tags. A review of ACLAF's source code reveals he didn't even create the design:

"Blogger Template Style
Name: Minima
Designer: Douglas Bowman
Date: 26 Feb 2004
Updated by: Blogger Team

ACLAF claims he is exposing feminist lies, yet no where on his blog does he contain a directory that objectively repudiates the arguments raised by feminists. For example, he links to a lot of news stories and offers his subjective opinion on them -- he inundates his fulminations with emotion -- but rarely does he use logic to comprehensively repudiate feminist argumentation.

Since you're commenting on web design, perhaps you could lead the way and show everyone what a good layout is by making your own site. Do you think you can do that, or are you just a loudmouthed lout with no credentials? To be honest, I doubt you're qualified to comment on web design, as you do not appear to know anything about the subject.

You should work on your reasoning skills, as so far you have shown that you possess the analytical skills of an 12-year-old.

lee Said: And noone even goes over there because your forum is lame.

Chris Key: Yeah, no one goes to my site and forum do they? My site only used 1.03 gigabytes worth of bandwidth in January, and in February only 1.50 gigabytes worth of bandwidth was used. If you're going to argue, then at least use some tact and think before you blurt out the first inane emotion that floats around in your brain.