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What this is all about

One day on the web I decided to visit a blog I've never been to before,A Canadian Liberal Against Feminism (ACLAF or CLAF). I didn't fing anything objectionable until I scrolled down to the following:

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

In Defense of the Girls

A few of the others have picked up on this sort of thing, and not only is it a serious warning sign, it should be raising alarm bells among MRA's. What I'm refering to is the few true misogynists among the men's movement who are becomming disturbingly louder and are adding a taint of bigotry to our anti-feminist tirade.Gentlemen, we cannot afford to allow true misogynists to take over this movement!I'm not talking about guys like Fred, Captain Z, and Duncan Idaho who eschew women in their personal lives for various, almost always valid reasons. These are not true misogynists in that they while they will not share their personal lives with women, they are still very welcoming of, and encouraged by any woman who takes up our cause. They're welcoming of women, and this is a sign that they are not true misogynists, even though that accusation is thrown at them over and over again.I'm talking about a few people who are turning on those women who have had the courage and honor to stand with us and take up our cause. Fred X made a post a few days back about "Women who 'Get it.'" Very quickly, an anonymous commenter turned up spouting things like this:

these women don't "get it"! what they actualy realise is that feminism is about to backfire, and the want to cover their asses before its too late....ask yourself weather you truly believe these women could go so long through life and not know men were suffering. they new, and couldn't care less!...these women should be barred from the movement! not only is it pointless to have a group of self motivated backstabbing harpies in our ranks"

Gentlemen, we cannot afford to tolerate this sort of thing. Thankfully in this case, Fred, Feminist_scum, clovis and others came on a tore whoever this is a new asshole. This solidarity is a good thing, and we need to stick with that.In the case of two of these women in particular, both A Feminist's Nightmare, and "K" are under the age of 26. A Feminist's Nightmare is my wife, and is only 25 years old. To accuse her of having stood by her whole life and having done nothing to help men is nothing but the most disgusting arrogance, and bigotry. Quite simply, she hasn't had the chance to do anything about feminism yet, her adult life has barely started, and already she's being accused of not doing enough. This is absolutely absurd; she's only 25 years old! Furthermore when I met her, I, me, was the feminist-sympathizer, not her. Should I be drummed out of the movement because I used to have some wrong ideas when I was young and stupid?As for K, I don't know her personally, but she claims to be an art student. This makes her even younger than my wife, in fact I believe that she said she was 18 years old at some point. This makes her even less deserving than A Feminist's Nightmare of these wrongful accusations, because she isn't even done school yet! She should be applauded and welcomed with open arms for having come to her senses so early in life, not accused of "covering her ass!"Apparently the commenter has never heard of Erin Pizzey, who is considered a heroine to MRA's. Erin Pizzey as some of us undoubtably know was the founder of the women's shelter movement, and later railroaded and stabbed in the back by feminists. In her excellent article "How the Women's Movement Taught Women to Hate Men," she discusses how the women's movement was hijacked by radical lesbian feminists who hated men, and wanted a forum to voice their bigotry and hatred. Erin Pizzey's testament should not only encourage us in the achievement of our goals, but it should also serve as a stark warning, that we can easily be hijacked by radical misogynists. We are not immune to this sort of influence, and we cannot afford to turn into a new form of feminism; a reverse-feminism. And that is exactly what would have occurred, and will occur if openly misogynist comments like the one above are allowed to go unanswered or even supported.So, I had hoped that we had learned our lesson flirting with bigots of that sort, and then I saw this:

To those women who have woken up, you are 40 years too late.You have stood silent for too long to earn my respect. Some women only now stand up because the writing is on the wall and they can see a price to be paid for a huge bill going back decades. Women will swing in whatever direction that benefits them the most. They always want to be on the side of the winning team. It appears for some women that the feminist movement has gone from the Profit Side to the Loss Side of the ledger."

and this:

Very good argument against the janet-come-lately women, and the men who feel they should once again come to the rescue of the situation for all( which really means in the end men coming to the aid of women yet again).

Now perhaps I've misunderstood. And perhaps the 40+ generation is well deserving of blame. But I don't think that it's at all appropriate to blame all women for a mess created by a few. Nor is it appropriate, or even commendable to attack our sisters-in-arms by virtue of their sex. This sort of thing smacks of the worst kind of bigotry and hatred, which gentlemen, we cannot afford. Gentlemen, if we allow this sort of thinking to spread, we become no better than the feminists that we so strongly oppose. There will be absolutely nothing to distinguish us from the hatred and bigotry that so strongly permates all feminists. Gentlemen, there is no choice in this matter, our sisters-in-arms must be made to feel welcome here, because they are. So to the people who are against women MRA's, I have exactly two thing to say. First as far as men coming to the aid of women yet again, wake the fuck up, because in case you have some sort of delusion, that's what men do, and have been doing for thousands of years. I agree that thankless feminazis should be left to rot, but I will happily try rescue those where there is some hope remaining. Secondly you men who think that women shouldn't be allowed to be MRA's, please remove your head from your oubliette or it is we who will be throwing you out.Now that I've said it, don't make me say it again, because the next time, I won't be nice about it.
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I was thinking what an arrogant little shit this asshole is,I didn't intially know his age but read that he is 25. I did leave the following reply:

Let's debate,shall we?I see a liberal doesn't fall far from the liberal tree. Let me clue you in,it's going to be us "misogynists" that are going to be the fuel that gets this fire going as a lot of guys are going to see you as the same as Promise Keepers,total wussies and sell outs meanwhile they are going to see us as truly opposing feminism and join our ranks. Wake-up.Let me clue you into something else,there are NO FEMALE MRA's. I have yet to meet one who didn't end up fucking up and coming off as a bigger harpie than the most ardent feminist. I've also seen "MRA's?" such as yourself run to the aid of an admitted feminists when they "break a nail" and bow at their feet. THAT IS NOT A TRUE MRA.So I would say that the misogyny is well deserved since it is primarily women who caused it and if it's getting too hot for you I suggest you get out of the kitchen.Yes,there are only two exceptions I can think of: Erin Pizzey like you mentioned and Ester Villiar. Two exceptions does not illegitimitize misogyny.You say we should bow down to women because that is tradition. Well,if I feel I have the right to kill those of a different race than me and have been doing so for years then by your definition it is okay because it is traditional,isn't that right? For the record this is what I'm refering to:"First as far as men coming to the aid of women yet again, wake the fuck up, because in case you have some sort of delusion, that's what men do, and have been doing for thousands of years."You say you are going to kick me out? Let me tell you something,I've been a masculist since '93,when the Bobbitt mutilation went down,I took offense at what happened while others laughed and I decided to official become a masculist after being falsely accused of sexual harassment and losing my job then finding out I had no legal recourse. I wrote my elected officials,journalists such as the late Mike Royko and media moguls such as Sumner Redstone,owner of MTV which at the time was hard core feminist and misandric. I stood up for men when it was an uncool time to do so. Hell,I even wrote to advertisers to get the message across that men are human beings. I campaigned for the cause of men,I put up flyers for the Liberator,which at the time was very well known masculist newspaper and I've made copies with MONEY out of MY OWN POCKET and posted those flyers.How long have you been an MRA? Is it in years or not quite that far? What have you done for the cause?I've been at it for 14 years now,can you match or beat that? I've NEVER been a feminist sympathizer,too bad you can't say the same,huh.I guess I was thinking of you and those like you when I wrote this:I keep hearing about these other mras end up catering to women on orther sites and it pisses me off. The thing is if you're going to be an mra then abandon chivilary or don't become a mra because somewhere on the net perhaps a forum some woman is going to play her games and you're going to start to fall for it and in the process backstab other men that are your allies so think about it.

Source:My Board

March 10, 2007 4:13 AM

and the reply I get back is:

Masculist Man - If you're so fucking high and mighty and good for the MRM, then why have I been unable to find a SINGLE blog which links to a forum which incidentally, appears to have been opened since 2005? "OHhhh.. look at me, I'm sooo special, I've been a masculist since 1993, but haven't contributed a damn thing! I'm soooo good, and you're sooo bad!"Hmm, let's see, it's not THAT hard to get picked up on the blogs, I've only been blogging for about three months, and I"m pretty sure that I can find twenty or so blogs that have linked me. And if you're so good for the MRM, then why are there only two members who actually bother to use it hmmm? I think we've seen enough fembot mangina stupidity from you.


March 10, 2007 7:14 AM

Didn't take anything I had to say into consideration. Typical feminist tactic. Junior is truly delusional if he thinks I'm the mangina he is. Then he has his wife screech in:

Hey masculinist man, you are a fucking fucker asshole.yes you have been fighting for men's cause for t 15 some odd years and us for just a little while???you are a fucking moron. This is like telling a ten or so year old child to do something he doesn't know or understand shit about.or like putting a child to jail for th crimes his/her parents did????Are you a fucking idiot or what???? You know the world goes round, round, round, and things change, change, change. Welcome to the twentyfirst century ! 2007!!! woohooo!!!At least be fucking lucky that we recognized feminazism for what it really is and that as a consequence the MTM/MRA is growing.Go fuck yourself asshole? saying that we are young is ludicrous. you'll soon be dead, we will follow along, but how about the next who will follow us? We are here to change society, for the good of all, not your own fucking good. We are here to do something for the future, so that we do not leave the world to the next generations, in the dirty nasty state WE found it! because of idiots like you! If you're sooo good, and have been fighting for this cause for so long, why aren't things different?????????? Why did we inherit of this crappy world? go fuck yourself! Things are starting to change now!!!! Because finally something is happening, but not because of you! but because of people like all these bloggers, and yeah, you're not linked anywhere, even I, a WOMAN i have been picked up within the first day !!!!So why is it that you are so important??? We are here to work together to make things change. Sometimes we will have disagreements, major ones, minor ones. Real strength is present when people can work things out despite disagreements and work together for the better of a bigger whole!not for your own convenience asshole!And by the way, old does not necessarily equal wisdom.Many times it does, but not always.Old can also equal with insanity. In your case, you definitively aren't wise, believe me, we do respect the old and wise ones. Because they are useful! you are not, you're either senile or stupid. Rob for example is wise guy and I respect him, YOU masculinist shitty head, ARE NOT WISE!!!! and I do not respect you!

March 10, 2007 7:48 AM

Of course,my reply was:


A ballless mangina and his hairy leg dyke cunt bitch,who probably has the balls in the relationship but she's going to find out I have a bigger set. Just like most liberals you try to shame your opponents and shout them down. AIN'T GOING TO WORK,BITCH. NOT WITH ME ANYWAY. Oh,you have more members,you are so popular (I'd rather have the few MEN posting on my board than the many manginas like you and the femicunts like your bitch). I guess that matters if you still have a high school mentality which obviously you and the "little missus?" (you know,the other guy in your relationship)have and are still in delayed adolescense or perhaps you still too fucking ignorant to learn so instead you come off like the mangina you are,along with this "cunt?" (Only if you turn "her?" over,dude) to try to intimidate us into changing our ways. Go back to the feminists and tell them it didn't work. Tell them Masculist Man exposed you two for the world to see. They know who I am,I'm on their "enemies list" so they have a file on me.You haven't done shit except for open a blog and even on that you reveal what a mangina piece of shit you truly are.You didn't answer one fucking question. Instead you and the bitch start screaming and shouting like children,typical fucking liberals. You say you want to rid the world of "hate" except the "hate" you both project upon others. You show no respect toward anyone else so why should we respect you. Because you tell us to? Fuck you both you pompous asses.Oooh,so you so 21st century. Okay,Mangina Boy,how many MRA forums do you own/moderate? I own one and moderate on Chris' board,among others.You've done nothing but run you mouth here like a little fucking yapping dog that gets kicked so it'll shut up.You don't know how to debate so just shut the fuck up,both of you.

March 10, 2007 7:02 PM

I also told them:

Oh yeah,McMoron I also want to add that I've had other boards in the past but they were usually shut down due to complaints by liberals such as yourselves.

March 10, 2007 7:20 PM

And I found it rather interesting that she should bring up age because I brought that up to another poster (max) that said:

Masculist Man; are there any mras you do respect?I bet you enjoy reading true misogyny that spouts from that vile fred x or eternal bachelor. I dont hate them but they are very vulgar indeed. I cant believe those guys get as many visitors and comments as they do.

March 10, 2007 5:21 AM

Now willing to give credit and blame where they are due I reply:


EB has the right idea. Why get married when the deck is stacked against you.Are there MRA's I do like? Yes,Rob Fedders and Zed are making a lot of sense but I've seen so-called "MRA's?" such as CLAF before and they arrogantly tell everyone else what to do,even those of us who know what to do. Trust me,CLAF are anything but MRA's. Then he has the nerve to say that unless we bow down to him he and his wife are leaving. To that I say fine,don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. If CLAF thinks I'm going to bow down to some 25 year old who is a johnny-come-lately compared to my pioneer spirit then he is sadly mistaken. Out of one side of his mouth he arrogantly tells everyone else how to behave and conduct themselves but once the minute it is turned on him he uses his young age as an excuse. It sounds a lot like "Old enough to lead and critisize yet too young to withstand critisism". (Which,the way I see it,is bitch thinking)Yes he is young,which is even more reason to learn from the non-mangina oldsters such as myself who have been in it for awhile and the long haul.If we are too much for you then I suggest you go to the feminist blogs,they might be more to your liking.

March 10, 2007 5:52 AM

One of my friends stopped by to give me a good reference,he is an MRA in true standing:

While I do not agree with everything that MasculistMan says, I do have a lot of respect for him, as he is trusthworthy and reliable. MasculistMan should be lauded for his work as an MRA, as he is living proof that conviction and abruptness can be used to neutralise the deceitful and hypocritical tactics that the feminists use to subjugate men and boys. If the world had more men who were as strong-willed and as honourable as MasculistMan, then the feminazi's days of lobbying for unethical law acts that legalise the subjugation of men would be over. Therefore, we need as many men like MasculistMan as possible, and we need them in every city on the planet.Another good MRA is a man from the Netherlands called Bert, as he is abrupt, honest and reliable. The most knowledgeable and inspirational MRA I have ever known is DCM, as he uses his wisdom to educate the youth about the impracticality of feminist ideology.These type of men should never be faulted for standing up and defending Men's Rights, as their method of spreading awareness has proven itself to be superior to the "chivalrous" tactics used by softly spoken men. (Speaking of chivalrous men who are softly spoken, a considerable amount of them fit the stereotype of weaklings who imbibe on a cup of tea while they converse with feminists and man-haters; they're also the ones who feel "proud" of the fact they put the toilet seat down after they urinate and wash themselves with scented soap.)Saying that though, I agree with the author's argument that women shouldn't be rejected from the men's movement just because they're female, as it would be illogical -- and detrimental to the movement -- as these women might be morally and intellectual sound enough to help promote Men's Rights. Personally, I feel sorry for the female youth, as they have the arduous task of proving to the world that they are not parasitic cunts like the feminazi's. The sad thing is the second-wave-feminists were able to destroy so many institutions with impunity, and the vast majority of them have gone unpunished for their behaviour.

March 10, 2007 7:42 AM

And he said:

MasculistMan may not have his own blog, but he is still a valuable member of the men's movement. For example, he actually promotes Men's Rights in real life. He has contributed a lot to my board. As a result, he is one of the three Global Moderators, and a valued member of the community.You can see his contributions at my forum by clicking on the following link:

Note: You have to join the board in order to view the messages -- this is to prevent feminist spies from trolling the board.

March 10, 2007 7:53 AM

Of course Junior has to chime in with:

Chris Key - Yeah, that's some IMPRESSIVE forum over there. We should all take notice of you and your splendid awesomeness! Wow, I'm so impressed that you have managed to dredge up a whole whopping FOUR active members, and yet strangely enough, you haven't been linked by Duncan, or Fred, or anybody else for that matter. I wonder why that is?Wow, you guys are just too much for lil'ol me, looks like I'll just have to close up shop and go live happily ever after. I'm in such awe over your mangina-movement.

March 10, 2007 8:40 AM

To which my friend puts junior in his place:

For ACLAF,In case you haven't noticed, Duncan Idaho has promoted my site on his blog. If you don't believe me, then see for yourself:

Darren Blacksmith holds a link to my site on his CoolTools4Men Blog.

Steve Imparl has a link to my site on his blog:

Khankrumthebulgar has a link to my site on his blog:
The Man On The Street has a link to my site as well! --

You can find a link to my site at

If you want to see MORE sites that link to my site, then search for "men's rights online" at Google, and you will see for yourself.

March 10, 2007 9:56 AM

Does junior refute this or verify? No,he goes back to the same popularity contest as before:

Really now? First of all, as for Duncan, why hasn't he got you on the front page? And second, he originally linked you in January of 2006, and hasn't appeared to have mentioned you since. Second, if any of those folks have posted on your forum, I can't find them. It looks more to me, like the only people who give enough of a damn to bother talking with you, are Masculist Man, DCM, and you Chris, and some others, most of which haven't even bothered to return since some time in 2006. So why should I listen to you, and not treat you and you ilk like a troll exactly? It looks to me like it's the same four or five guys repeating the same thing over and over again. This blog alone has had a much greater variety of people in just 1 week or so, than you get in an entire month.

March 10, 2007 10:39 AM

And I think this one speaks volumes about his mentality:

Oh you certainly showed me! Wow, I'm just so impressed by you and your five whole members! You and your sausage-fest can hurl all the insults you want, but you certainly don't deserve my respect fuck-tard. Respect is earned, not given. Shit head.

March 10, 2007 7:50 PM

When it comes down to respect,isn't he the one demanding it? It certainly seems so.

"Sausage-fest"? Does this mean "phollocentric" by any chance? Isn't "phallocentric" a feminist buzzword? Yes it is and didn't junior say he is an "ex?" male feminist? Yes he did,perhaps he is not so "ex" as he would appear to want people to believe.

Of course my final reply to him is this:

You say:
"Respect is earned, not given. Shit head. "

But then you say:

"The new guard is the future, alienate us, including the girls, at your own peril.
Is that what we really want, another hate movement? Because if that's the way it's going to be, then count me and probably AFN out right here, right now."

It sounds like to me you are saying: "respect us and do as we say or we're out of here". Is that the gist of it? Since you are not good at answering questions put to you without throwing a fit like a kindergartener I would guess you are DEMANDING respect or else,which would make you a hypocrite.

You seem to have a habit of talking out of your ass,as in:

"I shall have to apologize to Fred then! I read him often but I can and do miss personal details about people.
Fred, if you read this, I'm so sorry to have gotten your marital status wrong. "

March 6, 2007 8:04 PM

So like a typical bitch you run off at the mouth without having the facts at hand. Yep,just like a feminist. You still are a feminist but you realize they are losing so you come here and since you were ordering them around that you would do the same thing here and get everybody to dance to your tune. Hasn't worked,has it? Nope,not at all.

So let me get this straight,while I was doing what I could for the cause for men you were still choosing which bubble gum to buy with your allowence then you are going to come and tell the veterans how to do this? I don't think so,son. Sit down and shut up,open your ears and eyes and you might learn something.

For the record I don't respect you or your cunt either.

I've posted on Young Buck's and Eternal Bachelor's forum,so they have a rough idea of where I'm coming from. However,Khankrumthebulgar knows me better than they do and their blogs are all listed on your blog front page.
I noticed you are now moderating the posts or just mine? I fucking dare you to post this,if not I will elsewhere. Your choice.


Chris Key said...

I submitted the following response on ACLAF's comment's page, however I doubt the ill-mannered blowhard will allow it to be published:

lee Said: "And in counterargument to Chris Key, I'd say that actually buddy, a blog is just as good as a website, because its simply just another place to promote mens rights and write articles."

Chris Key Says: Your argument is rhetorical, as it's based on emotion and lacks substance.

For example, you claim blogs are just as good as websites. Your argument is almost entirely based on the premiss that blogs promote men's rights while allowing articles to be published. I do not doubt that blogs have the potential to promote men's rights. Afterall, a blog allows its visitors to discuss the various issues that are raised by the blog's owner. The problem I have with blogs is they do not allow for structured discourse, as their design is suited for quick commenting rather than full-on argumentation.

With a forum, an entire thread can be devoted to a subject. Respondents can easily (and tidily) quote other member's posts. Useful statistics can be kept, and members can PM and/or e-mail each other. In other words, forums are community friendly, and allow for far more interaction than blogs. On forums, topics can be merged, deleted, edited and locked, and made "Sticky" so that they can be used for informational purposes.

Websites are great, as they allow for directories to be created within directories, meaning a site's information can be tidyily filed so that it's readily accessible to anyone who visits it. Blogs do not offer as many options when it comes to filing information. In fact, I have never seen a table of information used on a blog. Tables are very important tools, as they allow information to be stored accurately and tidily.

Therefore, websites are superior to blogs when it comes to storing information -- proving the following point I raised yesterday:

Having a blog hosted for free by Blogger is a good way of opinionating and discussing current news stories related to feminism, however it's not a practical way of creating an informational resource that can be used to expose the ills of feminist ideology.

lee Says: "Have you even read the likes of Davout, Duncan and FredX??? I get comfort from those guys, so don't dare say that blogs are unworthy.?

Chris Key Says: Yes I have seen Duncan's blog, and yes I enjoy the entertainment he provides. I think it's quite entertaining how he often refers to feminists as cunts, as I personally use that word a lot when I am talking about bad-mannered women and feminists.

Saying that though, your examples do not repudiate my claim that websites are better informational resources than blogs. All your examples prove is that blogs allow for entertaining writing to be published and viewed by a large audience.

Anonymous said...

the dialogue proudly displayed here is the basest example of human communication i've ever seen. it's a jerry springer episode. i hope none of you have reproduced.

Masculist Man said...


Ever think it is cunts like you who are fucking things up for everybody you fucking feminazi.