Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It seems that McMoron (FS) is at it again on his blog's responses section and this time he is getting his ass kicked by Old Guard and Old Guard is the wiser of the two. No,I'm not Old Guard either.

McMoron spouts off:

Feminist scum said:

These old guys hate me because I dared to question some guy who made an attack on female anti feminists. If I made an attack on someone who made an attack on a male anti feminist, I wouldn't have these old guys coming on to my blog harassing me. I think it's pretty pathetic really.

17 March 2007 11:41

Old Guard said:

You appear to be a very immature newcomer, and if you'd stop trying to please women the way that you do, perhaps people would stop thinking you are pussy whipped. You seem more prejudiced against old timers, (your words) than against the enemy; western women. Stop kissing up to women you wimp.

17 March 2007 15:45

Feminist scum said:

Stop crying, little man. I'm not changing my ways for any one. If you don't like it, tough shit. When it comes to female anti feminists, and females who want to better their selves, I'll always support them. I support men who are getting screwed over just as much, if not more.You can carry on replying to this thread if you want, but as far as I'm concerned I'm done with you.

17 March 2007 15:52

Old Guard said:

...But I don't respect FS or ACLAF and I am in agreement with masculist man on this one. And ACLAFS stupid wife who bitches just like these two manginas. They are pretending to be mras when they are nothing but yellow bellies who are obsessed with making themselves sound appealing to women. Sell outs is what they are fast becoming.

19 March 2007 12:33

Of course Junior has to pipe in with:

ACLAF said:

This is all too convenient to be coincidence. I believe that I'm the one who first used the term "old guard" in the context of speaking about an older generation of MRA's. I can't help but notice that the term has been co-opted. This is not however to original definition of what it means to be the "old guard." Perhaps "old guard" you could enlighten us about the original definition of the phrase. Somehow, I doubt that you'll have any idea what the phrase actually refers to.

19 March 2007 18:38

Then of course ACLAF has to have his banshee weigh in with:

AFN said:

oh yeah old guard? are you CERTAIN that you are your OWN entity?To me you sound more like an imaginary friend ...................and by the way, you obviously do not understand the meaning of "old guard".

20 March 2007 05:10

Old Guard stands up to these morons with:

Old Guard said:

Just like the coward you are FS, getting others to stand up for you. And you lose 100 respect points for hiding behind Fred as you've done in the past.And ACLAF, Old Guard is my name, I don't need to define my own name now surely. You and your wife need to get in the stables you ugly beasts.

20 March 2007 09:59

Notice how ACLAF and FS receive a lot of FEMALE praise.

Hmm,it seems that there are 3 of us that have caught on to these two. Are there anymore?


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