Monday, March 12, 2007

We do???

I think one of the most cowshit things I have read in a long time is from the cow herself:

"well it is the same with us women, we are not all spoiled yet, it is up to you, men, to accept us in your cause."

This reminds me of what Rich Zubaty said (for the book see my profile) and that was women have a need to spread their memes everywhere and they feel their presence is required everywhere and that everyone will benefit from their abrupt intrusions. That they feel they have to occupy every sphere there is. Zubaty also went on to say that men need a space free from female intrusion or we will go mad. Very true words indeed.

In fact the only other man there at the link above,was an anonymous poster who left the following,which I agreed with and stated so:

"these women don't "get it"! what they actually realise is that feminism is about to
backfire, and the want to cover their asses before its too late.
what we men need to "get" is that these women are not coming into new information and having
an awakening. the idea that feminism discriminates and has negative affects is something the
have known all along. they are simply feigning ignorance to try to look innocent.
ask yourself weather you truly believe these women could go so long through life and not
know men were suffering. they new, and couldn't care less!
most of these women are simply reading MRA sits and blogs and parroting mindlessly in a vain
attempt to appear on our side, but sratch the surface and im sure you see self centered
these women should be barred from the movement! not only is it pointless to have a group of
self motivated backstabbing harpies in our ranks, it also sets a bad standard for what we
expect of women. is all these women have to do given the attrocities feminism has done,to be
start a blog and copy past from MRA sites? are we going to demand nothing more? one of our
problems as a movement is we haven't come to any agreement as to what is expected in
recompence from women. sure we have a list of demands that would see a system made fair. but
is all we ask of someone who puts a knife in our back that they take it out? are we all even
if the knife is taken out?
women need to show their sincerity by paying a fair price before they get to be viewed as
partners in any form. and what we need to do is come up with a list of "prices" to pay, so
that we can review the lives of these women and have a colective agreement as to what a fair
price really is."

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