Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FS talks more shit

Masc Man's crying about me again on his blog.

He claims I'm all over the place. LOL, the thick cunt seriously finds it hard to understand even the most basic of things.

Haha, he's like some homophobic cunt who is trying to expose gays who are already out of the closet. The thick sack of shit.

Someone needs to take him to one side, and slap the shit out of him.

09 April 2007 07:25

If FS were to attempt to do something like that to me there wouldn't be much of him to bury after I got through with him.

I've posted the truth about him and have back those posts with a reference link. He,however,cannot do anything but talk rhetoric in retaliation.

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feminist_scum said...

I very much doubt it, old bean. Haha, back to your rocking chair, old man.