Saturday, April 7, 2007

Emma-the antifeminist that wasn't

It seems as though "Emma" is a feminist spy who played a joke on a lot of MRA's (yours truly being an exception) and destroyed the trust of a lot of MRA's. I hate to be the one to tell you so but it looks like I was right and continue to be right concerning women in our movement.

Here is the following to prove my case:

01 April 2007

April 1st 2007 - a modest proposal OR in Cyberspace no one can hear you laugh

“I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled” Jonathan Swift

“Do you know they took the word gullible out of the dictionary?” old joke

For heavens sake - Emma was no Jonathan Swift, (probably because she’s a woman) but seriously guys & gals – Emma, curiously stilted anti feminist god bothering homophobic nutcase??Or love gods way ministries -( God hates fags! – another spoof )
and concern for family and womanhood? (Real amazingly, but should be a satire, ‘cos it’s very very funny).

Or all those frankly insane comments by ‘anti feminist women’ - who were of course feminists IN
ON THE JOKE (thanks to all who spelt out their own messages, top marks!).Lets face it though - y’all aren’t as good at spotting fakes as you think you are I mean:Emma Woodhouse – have you never read any Jane Austen?Do you ever read anything apart from woman hating monthly?

You’d realise if you did that:

Oh no - you can’t believe everything you read!Unsurprisingly, you were all so eager to believe in Emma you missed out on the subliminal messages in her pieces but do go back and read what the first letter of every sentence spells out won’t you, (or if you can’t be arsed)

Feminism is great

You are all a bunch of wankers

Do you really believe this shitAll the lazy dykes they pity how you live
and remember this next time you’re all salivating about some Auntie Thomasina, ‘anti feminist woman’, She might not be real – in fact she could even be a MAN! (ok I’m quite bored with spelling things out by now).

So my modest proposal is - why not get a life!

Emma anti feminist fraud has left the building but remember - being a prick is nothing but a choice!


Under "comments" FS said:

Lmao, you thick femcunts. You haven't achieved anything. Anyone can open up a blog, and parrot things said by other people and fool them in to thinking they're on their side.

03 April 2007 13:27



Interesting you should say that FS as that is what you are doing to the real MRA's but I'm not going to let it happen,in fact I will stop you and ACLAF.

If you notice in Emma's comments section you will notice that the feminists congradulate Emma on pulling this off and a lot of those comments are dated after April 1st so I don't believe this is a joke but feminists ripping off the human facade they wear and revealing the foul creatures they truly are.

I left a "thank you" note in her comments section and here it is:

Thank you,Emma. Thank you for showing your fangs and proving what I said about women in the men's movement is a disaster. Thank you for making me look not only good but right on. Thank you for adding clout to what I said and most of all,thank you for fucking up and shooting yourself in the foot. If you have no idea who I am just ask Feminist Scum.

07 April 2007 02:49

Of course FS weighs in with:

For the people who want to know who he is, Masc Man is a dip shit who hates women. (I don't hate women, I only hate femcunts) If femcunts want to go after someone, go after this guy. He is a psychopath, and someone we should all hate.Oh, and Masc Man, I looked at your blog. You claim you will stop me and CLAF, LMAO. There's fuck all you can do, you little worm. Oh, and isn't it a bit quiet over on your blog? Haha. You silly psychopathic weirdo, Masc Man.

07 April 2007 02:58

Thank you,FS. You just said you would join forces with an admitted misandric feminist (and her sistern) to go after a genuine MRA and you ask us to trust you. I hope this opens everybody's eyes as to whom FS and ACLAF actually are and what they genuinely stand for.

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