Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The comedy never ends

Here are some gems from FS's blog section, see if you find them as funny as I did:

First we have Simpatico aka Simpleton weighing in on why he is the biggest moron out there and with this comment he will be king of the idiots for a very long time.

Check this out:

It is SO obvious that these four are all one and the same person. Same spelling mistakes (many), same punctuation errors (many), same reassurances that Masculist is a "man's man." Yeah, you don't say...

02 July 2007 01:42

What he is refering to is that Old Guard,Veteran and an anonymous poster showed up on FS's comments area and he thinks I'm using mulitple id's,which I am not. I've already stated before that I'm NOT Old Guard nor am I Veteran and I'm not the anonymous poster either but they don't believe me.

Of course ACLAF doesn't want to miss out on looking stupid either so he chimes in with:

Always the same tactics. I'm sure that I could run an IP trace and discover that a number of anti femscum comments on this blog come from the same computer, but you know what? It's going to be even more fun to assume that these guys are actually different people. He acts loud and obnoxious now, but it won't last. Stay tuned kids, I've become psychic, and there's humble pie in Collaborationist Man's future.

02 July 2007 07:24

To which I told Junior to go ahead. If Junior believes I am using multiple id's then he needs to go forward with it. I told him to prove it or STFU. Let's see what he does.

Of course there are intelligent posters there too.

First there is anonymous poster:

I need to know if feminist scum is a woman firster or if he sides with masculists. From what ive seen he is a yellow belly and i know its true because others have debated him in the past and whipped this chickens ass.

01 July 2007 09:18

by the way i am on masculist mans side and he is a mans man not a wimp like fs who keeps telling us how non sexist he is like he wants to lick up to women.

01 July 2007 09:24

Then followed by Old Guard:

fs is yellow and now anonymous and masculist man know it that makes 3. How many more genuine mra you going to kid, you wont fool me.

01 July 2007 10:39

Followed by Veteran:

With me that makes 4 now is masculist man in the minority i think not, 4 is alot of people and we all realise your chicken shit women-come first agenda. i saw your video is that a reference to any masculist over 40? or are you just being a chicken coward who flaps his gums.

01 July 2007 11:15

And concluded nicely by anonymous:

I think you should publically apologise to masculist man and old guard and any other masculist you have offended.
Down with women's vote.

01 July 2007 11:35

It seems to me that FS,ACLAF and Simpatico are finding themselves outnumbered as some real MRA's come forward. Let's see how FS,ACLAF and Simpatico aka the three stooges get themselves out of this one.

Stay tuned.