Thursday, July 19, 2007


There have been talks between ACLAF and myself and he has agreed to be more inclusive of those of us who may be a bit more militant. Here it is in his own words:

Well said. I'm humbled that I didn't even have to ask for that.

I don't know how to answer your question about human nature, so I'll leave it for now.

Suffice it to say, that I don't think feelings of anger, frustration, or contempt necessarily mean hatred. When it comes to focused contempt, focused anger, then I'll back you, or anybody else all the way. Most western women are going to get what's coming to them That's not all women; maybe the good ones are *not* western women at all.


I'll make this proposal. All the personal insults and bad blood, let's call that a wash; we'll consider it forgotten.

I'll issue a public apology for trying to force the issue of the original ultimatum. As stated, that was out of line. I'll keep it up permanently, though it will eventually get relegated to my archives as time goes on, and blog posts increase.

Then, I imagine that you'll close your blog. You can do what you feel is necessary if you feel you need to save face, and I'll assist you where I can. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have for me, and explain my actions.

If something isn't to your liking, I'm open to a counter-proposal.

Finally, assuming that we reach an agreement, I would hope that we can bury the hatchet. We can agree to disagree, but let's agree not to do this again.

I didn't ask for this fucking gender war,ACLAF but I have to play the cards dealt to me and it truly is a raw deal.

I know. They will get what's coming to them. Patience. I think that the shit-lives they will lead as a result of our may well be vengeance enough.

Let the bitches rot.

18 July 2007 17:34

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I'm still suspicious of women in the movement,that hasn't changed. We are,as Fred put it,"building bridges" so we'll see where this goes. For right now I'm going to cease hostilites against ACLAF.

On the other hand my battles with FS and Simpatico have not changed and FS is remaining stubborn on this and Simpatico,well Simpatico is usually outwitted by chickens so I don't give a shit about his opinion.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say Ive been reading the threads and I think it was testamount to Fred that one his last acts before leaving was uniting two guys together. I respect the hell out of Fred and the movement is a sadder place without him. I love your work Masculist Man and I do agree with you in regard to feministscum who seems very unreasonable.

Feminist Scum said...

Bring it on prick.

Masculist Man said...

Thank you,anonymous and it does sadden me to see Fred's blog gone.

We are in agreement concerning feminist scum. His avatar is very fitting for him though as he tends to act like some crazy old lady. But it is kind of fitting considering he is an crazy young lady.

Anonymous said...

fs is trying to stir trouble for you masculist man, go to the antimisandry forum.

Masculist Man said...

I'd like to,anonymous however I do have a feeling he will start up shit there too and I told Karl that I wouldn't let that happen on his board and he doesn't want it on his board either.