Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Freudian slip

Feminist Scum said...

I'm not apologizing to any one. Masc Man can take a spoon, and eat the contents of my ass.

02 July 2007 02:03

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Of course I would never do that and I ignored this post at first but then I thought of something. Did he just say that he likes the idea of spoons (or other things) going up his ass? Yes, I believe he did because he insinuated that he likes spoons in the ass and he is stating he would like me to shove it up there. Now as much as I would love to plant my foot up his ass I would have to pass shoving a spoon up there because he would enjoy it too much. However if someone else shoves it up there then perhaps they can put it on the web if they haven't already so we can all have a good laugh.

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Feminist Scum said...

Don't just eat it with a spoon, rim it with your tongue. Eat shit and die, prick.