Thursday, July 19, 2007

A new mangina

Meet Bert Steen aka Bertha. Bertha has basically plagerized my militant attitude and tried to pass himself off as someone who cares about men's issues when in truth all "he?" cares about is acting like a horse's ass and running from the nurse during meds time. He basically gets on the rag easy and bans real MRA's from his site. He even attack someone for agreeing with him. Bertha is truly insane,more insane than some have labelled me.
Go check out his site at:

Bert's site


Luke Skywalker said...

Masculist Man, I can understand what you're saying about Bert, but please, you need to stop fighting with Feminist Scum and Simpatico. Please, you need to just ignore them and move on.

We have taken so many hard hits: Duncan has shut down, Captain Zarmband has shut down, and Fred has shut down.

We are wasting our time and efforts fighting amongst ourselves when we could be fighting against feminism. Please, this needs to stop, and we need to get back to what we were doing.

Your comrade in arms,

Luke Skywalker

Masculist Man said...


I've offered FS and Simpatico a way out of this and they spit in my face.

What can I do? I make an offer of peace and they do this to me.

MikeeUSA said...

Since this is all on the internet (thus no real action has been done) fighting amongst one's own group doesn't have an effect either way.

It's only worthwhile to keep cohesion when one is fighting militaraly (IE: assaulting and killing: real life politics).

If one is fighting on the internet against pro-women's rights beliefs in one's own group here are a few suggestions:
When talking about said people point out many times how they are pro-women's rights and on what issues etc.

Don't be vague, you must use the person you are targeting as a spring board for more specific arguments against women's rights (IE: the person you're targeting is just an example of the problem you are showing).

Keep all dislike that is directed at that person in the realm of disliking them because they are pro-women's rights and/or anti-man.

Now in real politics (not blogging, not voting), which is always physical warfare, it is important to keep cohesion among your fighting group. In that case one needs the positive bringing-us-all-together language and all hate must be directed towards an outside enemy because you depend on numbers to be victorious (aswell as the equipment those others bring).

Death To women's Rights.
Viva Men's Libety.
(Notice Capitalization and lack thereof)