Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pit yorkie is at it again

Oh gee,ACLAF reports me to my ISP. Didn't work asshole but thanks for showing us what a mangina piece of shit you are by using bullying tactics. Wait,didn't he say he didn't like bullying tactics,yes he did. He is a hypocrite as usual:

...but a bully ought to be punished.

I've challenged him repeatedly, and he continually fails to uphold his integrity and provide weak, unsatisfying excuses. He's a bully, and deserves to be treated like one.

Yes,ACLAF a bully should be punished. But you too are a bully along with your wife,FS,Simpatico and the anonymous poster against me. You are all bullies. Don't like that too bad because the shoe fits. You are the one to bully that anonymous poster in the first place,ACLAF and you are the one who threatened to throw everyone out who didn't agree with you,you use the tactics of a bully yourself and scream foul when someone does it to you. Let me refresh everyone's memory on what you said and still stand by:

but I will happily try rescue those where there is some hope remaining. Secondly you men who think that women shouldn't be allowed to be MRA's, please remove your head from your oubliette or it is we who will be throwing you out.Now that I've said it, don't make me say it again, because the next time, I won't be nice about it.

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Challenge me? No,what you and your crew have done is bullying and insult me,just like you tried to do by going to my ISP and trying to discontinue my service and you admit it here:

But his attitude can't be tolerated; the last time he commented, he strongly implied a threat, and stated that he intended to commit a crime. So I did the only sane thing and reported him to his ISP. Assuming we got the right IP address, he may face termination of his service, and possibly criminal charges. This is serious shit.

An exetremely Stalinistic method,ACLAF. This just confirms what I think of you. However this does bring up a question: if you have this knack for shutting your opponents down in this manner why didn't you use this against feminists? Why have you not used this method against feminists that want to inflict violence against men? Why haven't you gone after them? I mean if you are the MRA you claim to be then why haven't you used this against feminists? Why have you spared them?

Feminists and other women goad men into fighting each other and why should manginas be any different. See how ACLAF tries to open old wounds and cause fights:

His behavior has been of the most repulsive kind, most especially the way he acted towards Karl of Antimisandry. How do I know this? Ask Fred. The parallels are uncanny, the difference is in the result.

18 July 2007 09:52

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As far as I'm concerned me and Karl are cool and there is no problem between us but it sounds like junior is stirring up shit. In fact Junior should know this because I posted it on FS's blog clearing this up so he's definety not ignorant of this. Here is what I said:

ACLAF,the reason that particular post was deleted was to move on. This matter has been settled with Karl and we have both moved on. We both recognized that bad timing was involved here and have corrected it. Now beat that through you pea-brain,junior.

06 July 2007 20:35

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On a good note I want to thank Luke Skywalker for saying it best:


I personally have had way worse threats against me on the internet and even in real life, and although I don't condone what he said, you need not worry for your personal safety, because he doesn't know your real name, and he doesn't know where you live. I think you know this (as you are an intelligent person), and in reality you weren't so much threatened by what he said as you saw it as an excuse to try to put him out of business.But of course you will be glad to play the act of the "threatened victim" if that would suit your purposes.You goad him and goad him and continue to add fuel to the fire and then all of a sudden you say:"Oh! He threatened me! HELLLPP!"I have seen that game played so many times before in my life CLAF and it is so shallow that I lose a lot of respect for people once they play that game.You people basically treat him like he is an animal, with total disregard for the sacrifices that he has made for the Men's Movement, and all he has done for it.Yes he has done things that I cannot condone, but on that thread, you (CLAF), Feminist Scum, and Simpatico have acted in a totally unacceptable manner.

18 July 2007 05:42

Thanks Luke,you've summed up these idiots real well.

Fred,I hear you bro and I too want the good of the movement to prevail. I believe we are using different methods however we want the same goal and that goal is the good of the movement. These idiots are harmful and must be exposed for the frauds they are. ACLAF,FS,Simpatico,Rudy and the anonymous poster against me are all bad news and must be exposed.

Oh,anonymous,I've allowed anonymous posting for awhile now so feel free to post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing all comments on. I read around the problems youve been having but Im not sure who you consider real mras and who you dont. Can you please tell me because im reletively new to the mrm.

Masculist Man said...

What I would define as an MRA is a man who defends not only his own civil liberties but those of other men as well or in this case tries to regain those liberties. Also an MRA is anti-chivilirous because he knows chivilary is what enabled feminists to turn society against him.

Where I'm coming from is that I've seen a lot of so-called "anti-feminist" women were worse harpies than the most ardent feminist ever was. I didn't enter with this mindset but formed it after dealing with "anti-feminist" women.

To get a good understanding of what has happened it is a good idea to read the entire blog.

Anonymous said...

ok but I what about the blogs? im new but ive seen splits in the mrm and i dont know what or whose voice is right. you are anti feminist scum and canadian but they are linked to on other mra blogs. are feminist scum and canadian respected bloggers? are you? and this fred guy? who is he? please help me understand I was told about the mrm by my brother but hes not here to explain so could you?

Feminist Scum said...

Go slip in a puddle of aids you arse hole.

Feminist Scum said...

Oh, and you thick fuck, Aclaf did the right thing by reporting you. You threatened murder you absolute dick head.

Masculist Man said...


I'm a great example of an MRA because I've been in this for a long time. Fred X is another good example of an MRA. Go to Chris Key's site and you'll see other good examples.

Feminist Scum,on the other hand is only here to lick my shoes and suck on the turds as they come out of my ass.

Masculist Man said...

Go slip in a puddle of aids you arse hole.

I'm sure you mean,"puddle of AIDS". For the last time,FS,you cannot be my girlfriend so stop trying.

Anonymous said...

Masculist Man you Legend. I think FS is a bit of a wet flannel and really should debate more fluently.
On a side part I hope people here give special recognition to Fred X, because he was a great influence to the cause. And Duncan and Zarmband were also excellent men, as are you Masculist Man.