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The shit that dribbles out of Exlax's mouth or Russianhate

Many of you know Luke Skywalker who runs the Siberia Rocks blog. Luke wanted to go to Siberia and had everything,including his passport,ready to go but his parents deceived him and withheld his passport for awhile and he had to negotiate to get it back and he went to Poland instead. Luke protested this injustice and the clowns from Russian Hate jumped Luke's case for what happened to him. This is the same tactic they used against a man who had been deceived by a Russian woman,they blamed HIM. Even though when he got there she told him to leave or she will call the police on him and he left,which is smart because Russian cops don't fuck around. In fact American cops are nursemaids compared to their Russian counterparts. Let me put it this way: Russian cops can beat the shit out of you and their courts don't give a shit. Also there was the story of a Russian woman who duped a man into sending her the money for air fare to his country to meet him. Not only did she not meet him she pocketed the money. How are some of these eastern European women different from their western counterparts? Some are not very much different. Exlax is betting that Russia will stay "pure" as he thinks of it but Russia needs western capital to survive and with that capital comes western influence. When Russia "falls" what are clowns like Exlax going to do then? Where are they going to run to then? Anyway here is some shit from the mouth of Exlax,hopefully you'll get some laughs out it,with my comments thrown in of course:

Although anyone is welcome to post reasonable comments; there are more than enough imbecilic blogs out there to serve their purpose of maintaining the lowest common denominator. I am simply fed up with cowards who see fit to insult while they refuse to say the same thing to my face. All of what I have said and will ever say I am more than willing to say to that source in person.

you mean such insults as "Pimp girl,Pussy boy,Puss and boots,jerk boy,leaderofthecan’tgetlaidcrew,pussymouth,dicklesspuss and Envyboy" are just some of the insults you hurled at me.

When someone slanders my manhood without giving me access to them, then it is not my job in life to travel the globe to have “chats” with my detractors. If you refuse to say it to my face, and you know where to find me; then, I will not allow cowards to insult me while they hide like little boys behind their girlie computers. And you know who you are.

You talk big and I stood up to you when you said:

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has a causeway. It’s the very entrance to my island. If you can manage to find it, with your tiny little dick brain, then send me a message that you’re about to arrive and I’ll meet you and have a nice little talk with you before I have my incredibly charming and charismatic arm around my girl who waits for me to arrive to a real country. I’ll be your personal welcoming committee.

You came to this blog you can come and see me. Come on down to southern California and when you do I’ll give you directions. I don’t have the cash to see you so see me and afterwards you’re girlfriend can tend to your wounds.

And when I said this you wussed out.

Source: here

Additionally, if you are too stupid to coherently present your thoughts and not respectful enough to put even a modest effort into spelling; then, likewise you will not diminish the positive and fine character of this blog.

You mean fucked up spelling like "pathetich",the way YOU spelled it.

(see above link)

If you insist on conducting yourself like a psycho child; then, also you will be told to get help and to not intrude on my happy life. I am not your childcare worker.

You're the one who says assine things like,"envy me,you will envy me".

Comments like Death to the traitors, Death to the enemies of the motherland(Lusitania), in this case Portugal, are typical with what I simply no longer have time for.

Knowing civil code in both the West and in Russia, through my own personal lawyer, if you offend my public name, when I go public, then you will work for me as a consequence of libel lawsuits. Considering my own knowledge and that my fiance is a university trained and highly capable civil lawyer, I wouldn’t be too eager to push the issue. In Canada, I am a Natural Person and all suit amounts are decided by me, not the ordinary civil courts.

I know what a "natural person" is too,moron and no,you don't make the judgements or
amounts,only judges do that. I know the law and you don't have a leg to stand on. I hear female attornies,regardless of nationality,are real bitches and ball busters. Oh well,you'll find that one out.

You mistake me for someone who gives a damn about anything at all about you when you visit with pure xanthic hatred. I simply could care less about your lunatic cyber wars. The battles I fight are all real, in real time and most often in person.

I gave you an invite for a fight and you wussed out.

And I don’t need blog services to continue to make my public opinions public. Once in Russia and settled enough to develop my private sites, I will do it from within that particular source.

Translation: "Once I'm in my fort no one can get to me" and I picture you doing this Peter Griffian style.

This is from here

Exlax,who has no concept of the phrase,"stuff a sock in it" dribbles on:

Russian girls are the finest girls in the world. And only the finest of Real men should be a part of their lives. It’s that simple.

How long ago were Western women called this? Back before the second wave of feminism and now look at them. That is Russia's future.

And the hearts of the good girls of Russia are the pure gold standard of love of Real men. We mutually love and adore each other. And this includes for me, all other Russian girls and women than my own girl. They are as my sisters. I truly want for them the most exceptional love and lives, safely and happily in the arms of their man and their beautiful, respectful children. Yes, I know about all the less fine combinations of couplings. And that what I speak about here is the ideal.

You are a total mangina. You'll screw it up for Russia like your kind did to the west.

When I first met her she was already an extremely fine girl. And from this perspective she saw parts of me which were less than her own standards with regard to me. We had some arguments over my shortcomings.

They are many,including debating in a logical manner and not being a moron overall. She's changing you you idiot. Jesus,you don't have to go to Russia for a woman to do that. Western women do it all the time.

During the process of developing our relationship, I came to enjoy improving myself. I genuinely like becoming my best possible self. It’s a real rush.

Improvements? You hide them well. The only "improvement" you've made is being a bigger horse's ass than you already are.

Her own voluntary improvements so moved me I was stunned by it all. It is astounding the lengths these girls will go to in their honouring of their love of their man. Not all of course.

She's manipulating you you moron.

But when it’s this clear, you’d have to be the owner of a stone cold heart not to notice or appreciate it.

No,I've got a brain,which is more than you have.

She has put up with remarkable levels of pain in order to follow her own path of honouring me.

"She has made sacrifices". How long have we heard that?


Here is a news article on Russia,paradise lost:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007.
Woman Burns Penis Of Dozing Ex-Spouse
By David Nowak
Staff Writer

A woman in southeastern Moscow set fire to her former husband's penis while he lay helpless in an alcohol-induced slumber, a police spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The 41-year-old woman faces up to three years in prison if charged and convicted of deliberately inflicting the injuries, said Tatyana Korolyova, a spokeswoman for police in the city's Southeastern Administrative District.

The woman, whom police would only identify by her first name, Anna, was detained a few hours after the incident Thursday at the apartment that she shares with her former husband, Nikolai.

Korolyova described the police version of events: On Thursday, Nikolai, bedridden after a car crash that left him with a broken heel, asked Anna to fetch a bottle of vodka from the kiosk. She returned with the vodka, which he proceeded to drink in front of the television. A combination of the heat and the alcohol quickly lulled Nikolai to sleep.

Choosing her moment, Anna approached, doused Nikolai with alcohol from head to toe, and attempted to set him on fire with a match. Her attempt failed because the alcohol had evaporated by the time she lit the match.

She then fashioned a rudimentary torch from a newspaper, set fire to it and applied it to his groin.

Nikolai was admitted to the hospital with light burns covering 30 percent of his body, including his groin, stomach and left arm. He was released after a few days.

The couple had been living together for 19 years but divorced in 2003 after Anna grew tired of Nikolai's extramarital affairs, the Tvoi Den newspaper reported Tuesday, identifying the couple as Irina and Dmitry. The former husband regularly watched erotic films on television, which stirred Anna's fury, and he fell asleep in front of one such film Thursday.

"It was monstrously painful," Nikolai told the newspaper. "I don't know what I did to deserve such punishment."

The newspaper carried pictures of a shaven-headed man lying heavily bandaged in a hospital bed.

"His sex organs took the heaviest blow," an unidentified hospital nurse was quoted as saying.

Source: here

Do you think Exlax will read this article and learn from it? Nah,he's too stupid.

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"But when it’s this clear, you’d have to be the owner of a stone cold heart not to notice or appreciate it."

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