Sunday, December 19, 2010


"I can ban people yay"

There's a heavy-handed moderator at Happy Bachelor's Forum that goes by the handle "recluse". Now recluse is one of these assclowns who abuses what little power they get and they try to lord it over you every chance they get. To give an example he deletes some of my posts and after a few deletions he sends me a PM explaining why he did it (Notice he didn't do it after the first deletion but came clean after awhile. Probably took him a long time to work up the nerve to tell me) and that this is gentlemen's club and that I shouldn't insult some of the braindead idiots that post there. Hey I'm calling a spade a spade that is just the way it is. I then PM'ed him back asking why did I have to curb my speech and that that was a feminist rule he was imposing. Instead of discussing this like a real man he bans me like the sniveling coward he is. Now when he brought up the term "gentlemen" I thought of two things. One was the morons who enabled the matriarchy to get this far by doing nothing or advanced it hoping for some gain,sexual or otherwise. The second was while watching a old western that featured a gentleman who was an extreme mangina and very chivalrous. Anyway later in the movie a couple of other characters discuss how a gentleman got into a gunfight and the second character ask him how did he know the shooter was a gentleman. The first character told him that the shooter shot the other guy in the back. Now given the definitions for "gentleman" that I've provided I'm sure that not only would recluse agree with them but he would certainly fit the part.

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